UGREEN Introduces the X-Kit, the World’s First Ergonomic Foldable Hub-Stand

UGREEN, a leading manufacturer of electronic accessories and consumer technology products, is releasing a new tech innovation, the X-Kit, the world’s first foldable USB-C laptop docking station combines the comfort of an ergonomic laptop stand.

A 5+4 Healthy Working Companion

hub-stand features

A practical laptop stand and multi-ports hubs help people to achieve comfortable and efficient workflow. The X-Kit combines the two features with innovative and creative minds.

Not only is the X-Kit a high-performance 5-in-1 USB hub that connects to all the devices you need to boost productivity, it is also an ultra-lightweight ergonomic laptop/tablet stand with four adjustable angles designed for maximum mobility.

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product compatibility

The minimal X-shaped skeleton design makes it foldable, portable, and easy to carry to cafes or remote working areas.

With the UGREEN X-Kit, users can simultaneously connect to USB drives, keyboards, mouse, HDMI displays, drawing pads, USB fans, printers, micro SD and TF cards, and other devices.

Check out the video to better understand its concept:

Your Work-At-Home Essential

Purpose-built and designed to offer users convenience and flexibility, the X-Kit hub-stand makes it possible to connect to multiple devices and use them simultaneously.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many professionals around the world to work at home. Using the X-kit, you can create a healthy and productive office experience right in the comfort of your own home. The X-Kit is also the perfect companion if you work from a mobile office or in the outdoors – be it in architecture, photography, construction, and more.

product display

The ergonomic design with 4 adjustable heights makes it comfortable for you to work on your laptop. It allows you to correct posture, minimizing neck and wrist fatigue.

work from home using hub-stand

Feature Highlights of the X-Kit Hub-Stand

  • High-Performance 5-in-1 USB-C Hub

The X-Kit comes with a 5-in-1 USB-C hub integrates all the necessary ports for a high-performance workstation:

  • Two USB 3.0 ports with maximum transmission speeds at 5Gbps. You could transmit a 1GB movie in 5seconds.
  • An HDMI port that supports 4K high-resolution videos and 3D display.
  • Built-in SD and TF card slotsthat transmit data from SD cards and Micro SD cards speedily and simultaneously.

product dock

  • Ergonomic Design with 4 Adjustable Angles

The UGREEN X-Kit offers 4 adjustable angles to suit different needs for creating a comfortable working space:

  • 15° – To take notes or drawing on tablets.
  • 25° – A natural position to keep your wrist relaxed while typing.
  • 30° – Flexible angle for reading or typing.
  • 33° – Working with extra peripherals such as a keyboard or graphic tablet.

The ergonomically-friendly stand will reduce fatigue of the neck, wrist, arms, or eyes due to bad posture at work.

standanglesVersatile Compatibility: Compatible with Windows/Mac laptops, iPad Pro/Air/Mini, and Android tablets, the X-Kit is designed to enhance productivity across devices and user activities. Whether it’s completing work-related tasks, reading on your tablet, or watching movies at home via the HDMI port, the X-Kit has you covered.

  • Simplicity in Design, Abundance in Application

The X-Kit features a minimal design with a compact and ultra-lightweight X-shaped structure, which folds down to a compact stick for easier carriage and provides better heat dissipation.


Weighing only 0.62lb (9.98oz), the X-Kit comes 2 ounces lighter than a Starbucks tall, the smallest Starbucks coffee on the regular menu. The skeleton is made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy, making it 65% lighter yet 25% harder than the average.

The aluminum shell gives it a smooth, fine finish with a metallic tint, and the silicone bands on top, pit and mound the X-Kit for better air ventilation and cooling. Made of recyclable materials, the X-Kit is environmentally friendly, making it conducive to green, sustainable living.

Pricing and availability

The UGREEN X-Kit is officially launching its crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo with a super-early bird 50% off discount at $49.00. Sign up here to grab our super-early bird discount and join our backers’ club!

UGREEN Introduces the X-Kit, the World’s First Ergonomic Foldable Hub-Stand


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