Ugreen PowerRoam Portable Power Station Launches in Berlin: Test and Experience On-the-Go Charging

In today’s digital age, we rely heavily on our devices to get through our daily lives. However, nothing is more frustrating than running out of battery power when you’re on the move or during power outages. That’s where the Ugreen PowerRoam Portable Power Station comes in. This portable power station is the ideal choice for on-the-go charging and backup power at home.

The PowerRoam Portable Power Station was recently launched in Berlin, where attendees got to experience the device’s capabilities firsthand. The launch event was a success, and attendees were impressed with the device’s features and performance. The event provided interested individuals with the opportunity to test and experience the device and ask questions of the Ugreen team.

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The Ugreen PowerRoam Portable Power Station

Discover the Ugreen PowerRoam Portable Power Station Series, the perfect answer to dependable, portable energy wherever you go. This remarkable range includes the Ugreen PowerRoam 600W Portable Power Station and the Ugreen PowerRoam 1200W Portable Power Station, engineered to cater to diverse power requirements. In addition, we provide the Ugreen Foldable Solar Panel for Portable Power Station in 100W and 200W options to enhance these robust devices. Be it camping, tailgating, or requiring backup power during a blackout, the Ugreen PowerRoam Series is your trusted companion.

Each product in the Ugreen PowerRoam Series is built with cutting-edge technology, ensuring seamless power delivery and adaptability. Our portable power stations and solar panels work together, providing an eco-friendly energy solution that is both efficient and reliable. With the Ugreen PowerRoam Series, you can stay powered up and connected wherever your adventures take you.

Highlights of the Ugreen PowerRoam Portable Power Station Series:

  • PowerZip Technology: Enjoy lightning-fast charging speeds with PowerZip technology. When connected to an AC outlet, PowerRoam stations reach 80% battery capacity in just 50 minutes and fully charge in 1.5 hours.
  • Empower Adaptability: U-Turbo Technology’s advanced algorithm lowers voltage, enabling the use of heavy-duty devices below 2500W without compromising performance.
  • EV-Rated Battery: Equipped with EV-Rated batteries and a Battery Management System (BMS), our power stations boast 3,000 cycles to 80% capacity, ensuring long-lasting, reliable energy.
  • Matching solar panels: With max 400W solar charging, you can fully charge your PowerRoam Portable Power Station in just 3 hours using our foldable solar panels.
  • Control Power Remotely: Harness the power of the PowerRoam app to control your power station from a distance with ease. With the intuitive interface and Child Lock function, managing your power has never been simpler or safer.

The versatile Ugreen PowerRoam Series products are designed to cater to a wide range of scenarios. Easily portable, you can bring them along on all your adventures, while also utilizing them as a reliable backup power source at home.

Simplifies Charging on-the-go

The PowerRoam Portable Power Station is designed to simplify charging on-the-go. It is the perfect solution for people who are always on the move and need a reliable power source for their devices. Whether you’re travelling, camping, or attending a business meeting, this device has got you covered. Its compact size and multiple charging ports make it easy to use wherever you are.

The Perfect Backup Power at Home

In addition to being a portable power station, the PowerRoam Portable Power Station can also be used as a backup power source at home. Its massive battery capacity can provide enough power to keep your home devices running during power outages. This means you can stay connected and productive, even during emergencies.

The Launch Event in Berlin

The exciting launch event of the Ugreen PowerRoam Portable Power Station Series took place at the Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin on April 22, 2023. This live event provided a unique opportunity for interested attendees to test and experience the products firsthand while getting to know their features and capabilities.

During the event, the PowerRoam Portable Power Stations were showcased in action, powering various devices within a tent and a van. This setup allowed attendees to see the true potential of these small, portable power plants, while also enjoying the complimentary food and drinks provided.

ugreen portable power station

Participants didn’t miss the chance to learn more about the product’s innovative features and capabilities, as well as to ask questions directly to the knowledgeable Ugreen team. The exclusive launch event was a fantastic opportunity for attendees to experience the future of portable power solutions with the Ugreen PowerRoam Series.


The Ugreen PowerRoam Portable Power Station Series offers an innovative and reliable portable power solution for various energy needs. With the successful launch event in Berlin, attendees were given the opportunity to experience the products firsthand and witness their impressive features and capabilities in action. The PowerRoam Series is designed for versatility, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and homeowners seeking backup power during outages.

As demonstrated during the launch event, the PowerRoam Portable Power Stations are portable, powerful, and environmentally friendly, thanks to their compatibility with foldable solar panels. Moreover, the advanced technologies incorporated in these devices, such as PowerZip Technology and U-Turbo Technology, ensure quick charging and the ability to power heavy-duty devices efficiently.

We encourage you to try the Ugreen PowerRoam Portable Power Station Series and experience the convenience and reliability it offers. Stay powered and connected, no matter where your adventures take you. Try now and enjoy the best power station with solar panel!

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