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HiTune X5 Review

Review: UGREEN HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

With the removal of headphone ports proceeding apace on mobile devices, the only answer is to go wireless. Offering a bunch of options for Bluetooth earphones is UGREEN, whose latest release is the HiTune X5 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds. Offering stereo playback, voice assistant integration, and an EQ switch, these lightweight earbuds could be the answer if you want portable, wireless audio wi....

Nerd Techy review, UGREEN Hub-stand

Nerd Techy: UGREEN X-Kit Review

In the best of times, working from home can be a welcome relief from the daily grind. In the year 2020, it’s become less of a luxury and more of a depressing reality. It can be tough to focus at home, particularly if you have kids and the schools are closed. And if you live with a significant other, you’re either closer than ever or finalizing your list of divorce layers. It’s gotten to the point ....

GaN 100W Charger

Nerd Techy: Review of the UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger (Model 3C1A)

These days, it’s important to keep your electronics charged. The fact is, we rely on our devices for a lot of tasks, many of which are essential. Let’s say you work outside the home; if your phone doesn’t work, you’re out of the loop with your job. But there are other reasons you need to stay charged up, too. What if you want to order dinner, or check your bank account balance? What if you need to....

ugreen apple watch charger

UGREEN Apple Watch Charger Review

The Gadgeteer is supported by readers like you! If you buy something through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Thank you!Learn more. REVIEW– I have a lot of phone chargers, but I only have one charger for my wife’s Apple Watch. When I saw this item I knew I needed it to go in our travel bag! What is it? The UGREEN Charger for Apple Watch is a portable charger designed ....

Ugreen Type-C Adapter

UGREEN 10-in-1 USB-C Hub Review | Bloha

Find out a deep review of a 10 in 1 USB C Hub which supports 1Gb Ethernet. The hub contains 3 ports of USB-A (3.0), HDMI, VGA, RJ45 (Ethernet), USB-C input, USB-C output, slots for SD and microSD, 3.5mm audio. The data transfer rate of the 10 in 1 USB C Hub is up to 5Gbps. Supporting of 100W charging. Moreover, it looks like a beautiful and aesthetic device. Check the bloha's full review he....

ugreen apple watch charger review

UGREEN Apple Watch Charger Review | The Gadgeteer

Whether you’re using the Ugreen Apple Watch charger around the house or as a travel charger, it simply works just as well as the original Apple charger. With no cords to tangle, charging your watch on the go is simply as easy as it gets. It’s definitely refreshing to get a product that does exactly what it should and does it well. Check the gadgeteer'sfull review here.


UGREEN HiTune T1 TWS Earbuds Review | Charger Harbor

The UGREEN HiTune T1 Bluetooth wireless earbuds are one of the best prices to performance earbuds that you can purchase. The T1 earbuds feature incredible passive noise canceling, with strong audio that is able to deliver all sorts of music the way it's meant to be heard. Along with outstanding sound quality, the T1 earbuds give a comfortable fit that lasts for hours and accessories that ar....

hitechcentury GaN charger

UGREEN 65W GaN Charger Review | Hitech Century

Find out what tech portal Hitech Century thinks of our powerful UGREEN 65W GaN charger in their comprehensive review. They share how portable and powerful that our UGREEN 65W GaN charger is and how versatile that its trio of USB-C ports and USB-A ports are for charging the latest devices quickly and safely, including multiple smartphones from popular brands and even selected laptops too. If....