10 Gadgets You Should Invest In For Enhanced Mobile Gaming Experience

There’s a reason mobile games now rank #1 for global gaming revenue. Developers are constantly reimagining what’s possible with your phone, and some of the most popular games can now be played in the palm of your hand. 

Fortnite, League Of Legends, and Pokémon GO have all made gaming history and been big hits with Gen Z. There’s even a growing competitive scene for mobile. The question is, how can you make the most of your gaming experience?

Just like you might opt for a keyboard and mouse upgrade for PC gaming, there are plenty of gadgets that can help you have more fun on mobile. Below you’ll find ten of the best mobile accessories to enhance your gaming experience.

mobile gaming roundup

10 Gadgets to Improve Your Mobile Gaming Experience

The Controller

First up is the Razer Kishi controller for iOS and Android. This accessory straps onto either side of your phone for a more natural gaming experience. You can stop tapping your screen and get an advantage with the traditional bumper, thumbstick and D-pad combination. 

Razer Kishi the Verge

 Image courtesy: the Razer Kishi Review by the Verge 

The Razer Kishi is practical too. Because it connects via your phone’s charging port, you get low latency and the ability to charge your phone as you play.

Android only users can also consider an Xbox Wireless Controller. This classic model can connect to your phone via Bluetooth. If you’re already someone who enjoys gaming, chances are you’ll have held an Xbox controller in your hands before. This familiarity could make all the difference. But bear in mind that the Xbox controller isn’t specifically designed for mobile like the Razer Kishi. You’ll have to decide whether you want an integrated mobile experience or something that feels more familiar. 

Wireless Earbuds

Sound is a central part of the gaming experience. You’ll want to hear every footstep and every ambient noise. To take your mobile game sound to the next level, we recommend playing with a pair of wireless earbuds. 

The new HiTune T2 wireless earbuds have been designed with mobile gaming in mind. On top of offering up to 20 hours of battery life, UGREEN’s new Gaming Mode transforms your audio into an immersive, high-resolution, 3D sound experience. You’ll be able to discern the location of footsteps and gunshots to get the crucial edge you need to seize victory. The T2s also feature 60ms ultra-low latency sound. With minimal lag between what you hear and what you see as well as optimized footstep and gunshot microsounds, you can step up your game awareness and defeat your rivals. 

HiTune T2 60ms low latency

The Powerbank

We’ve all been there. The horror of realizing that your phone’s precious battery life is near zero as you load up your favorite game. To stop battery life becoming an issue, you’ll need a power bank that provides portable charging wherever you are. The UGREEN PowerDot PD 20W 10000mAh Series is a great way to keep your gaming online.

PowerDot 1000mAH powerbank

The PowerDot comes in three variations, two of which have built-in charging cables for your devices. All versions offer a small, compact design that includes a built-in 20W 10000mAh battery. The PowerDot offers fast charging for your devices and can charge an iPhone 12 from 0% to 60% in just 30 minutes. Another benefit of the PowerDot series is its almost universal compatibility across mobile devices. Whatever phone you’re using, you can rely on the PowerDot to extend your gaming sessions.

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The USB-C Hub

Another must-have gaming gadget is a USB-C hub. If your mobile device has minimal port options, chances are you won’t be able to connect to many accessories in one go. This is where a USB-C hub comes in. With more versatility, you can turn your phone into a fully functional game station. Plug in an external screen, a keyboard, mouse, joystick, or anything else you can think of!

We recommend the UGREEN 9-in-1 USB C Hub. As you can guess from the name, it packs 9 port options into one device. It supports ethernet connection for a lower ping in multiplayer games, fast charging, SD card readers, USB ports, and 4K HDMI and 1080p VGA video output. You get the idea: it’s everything you need to build your own mobile gaming hub.

9-in-1 usb-c hub

The Slim USB-C Hub 

If you want a USB-C hub that’s more portable, the UGREEN 4 Ports USB C Hub is a great alternative.

This ultra-thin and compact device turns your one USB-C port into four standard USB 3.0 ports, so you can plug in a mouse and keyboard when things get competitive. Just make sure your device supports OTG functions before buying.

4-in-1 usb-c hub slim

The Wall Charger

You can’t go wrong with a solid and reliable wall charger. When compared to other wall chargers – like the standard iPhone 12 option – the 20W Mini PD USB C Charger is 50% smaller and charges your device three times faster. Its compact design also supports fast charging (so long as you have the cables and the device to match). 

UGREEN 20w mini charger

The Charging Cable

There’s nothing worse than hunching over at an awkward angle while you charge your phone and use it simultaneously. Texting is hard enough. Gaming is basically impossible. Sound familiar? Luckily we’ve got just the thing for you! 

UGREEN offers two different charging cables: the 90 Degree USB-C to Lightning Cable and the 60W Right Angle USB-C to C Cable. Each comes in one and two-meter variants, but the 60W Right Angle USB C to C Cable also comes with a three-meter option. Both cables feature a 90 degree L design which is useful for gamers that need a firm grip on their mobile device.

90 degree charging cables

With one of these, you’ll never again have to sit on the floor and game while your device is charging! 

The Mobile Stand

If you’ve taken our advice so far, you’ll have a good amount of gaming gear in your basket. But there’s still more to come. Unless you want to awkwardly prop your mobile up or risk arm ache, you’ll need something to take the weight off. The Lazy Arm Tablet Holder is a handy gadget for going hands-free with your mobile or tablet. Mount your phone wherever you like and play with an external controller. You can also use the Lazy Arm Tablet Holder for video calls and watching movies in bed! 

lazy-arm phone stand

What are you waiting for? Get gaming!

Gaming on mobile is here to stay. And with constant innovation in terms of games and accessories, the mobile experience is going to get better and better. If you want any of the gear featured above, all of the UGREEN products mentioned are 15% off until May 15th on the UGREEN official website

If the sound is your priority, the HiTune T2s are newly available on Amazon for 30% off with the code HITUNE222. Here’s where to get your launch special discount: https://bit.ly/31so84o 

We hope you’ve found something to suit you on our list. Let us know what gadgets you’re thinking about in the comments. And don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to be among the first to know about seasonal offers and new releases.

10 Gadgets You Should Invest In For Enhanced Mobile Gaming Experience


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