Thanksgiving Giveaway! Super Gift Box & More For You

UGREEN Giveaway


Happy belated Thanksgiving! It’s the time of the year we thank parents, family, and friends. One more thing – don’t forget to thank yourself.

The UGREEN team would love to thank everyone of you for being our backers and fellas! To reward your trust in UGREEN, we’ve prepared an amazing giveaway to show our appreciation. Follow the rules to win UGREEN x Indiegogo Thanksgiving Giveaway Super Gift Box + 10800$ Coupons!

Don’t hesitate!


  • Join the Gleam. Click the button below to get the bonus. The higher the bonus, the greater your chance of winning;
  • Share your unforgettable memories with the person you’d like to thank the most in the comment section;
  • Share this giveaway event to increase your chance to win;
  • 201 winners will be chosen at random to be winners of the Super Gift Box or 10800$ Coupons on Dec.11. 2020.

Best wishes!

UGREEN x Indiegogo Thanksgiving Giveaway Win Super Gift Box + 10800$

Gleam Winner

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