Must Have Gadgets For Your Business Trip

Working from home or going on a business trip during these times can be a daunting process. The last thing you want to deal with is the slow internet or a faulty laptop. But most frustrating? Leaving your gadget’s chargers behind while you are away for business!

Working on the go amidst a pandemic is already anxiety-inducing; that’s why you want to make sure you have all the tricks and gadgets needed to make your experience less stressful. Don’t be the person asking to be lent a power bank during a meeting.


Fortunately, we can eliminate some of your nerves by ensuring that you have everything you need to make your business trip as stress-free and successful as possible. 

Have you done your checklist?

Make sure your laptop case, electronics organizer and earphone case are packed. Are your wireless earbuds and charging cables packed? And lastly, are your charger(s) packed? 

All These Gadgets But No Office? Say No More!

We get it. Working on the go can be disruptive and a schlep to your daily work routine, especially if you’re used to working in an organized office environment that caters to your every need. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and that’s why UGREEN has released their first-ever foldable laptop docking station called the X-Kit Hub-Stand. Designed to provide convenience and flexibility, the X-Kit comes with a 5-in-1 USB-C hub to accommodate all your various devices, enabling you to use them simultaneously wherever you are.

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What’s more? The X-Kit has four adjustable heights which allow for correct posture, minimizing neck and waist fatigue. And weighing in at 282 grams, it is ultra-lightweight and comes with a 50cm braided cable as well as a suede organizing pouch, making it the perfect travel companion.

What’s So Great About The Hub-stand?

It comes with a practical 5-in-1 hub functionality that includes:

  • Two USB-A 3.0 ports with maximum transmission speeds at 5Gbps. This means you could transmit a 1GB movie in 3 seconds
  • An HDMI port that supports 4K@30Hz high-resolution videos and 3D display
  • Built-in SD and TF card slots that speedily transmit data from SD cards and Micro SD cards, ideal helper for designers and photographers. 


The Hub-Stand is compatible with many PC’s, and is designed to enhance productivity across devices and user activities. With your X-Kit, you can go from completing work tasks; to reading and watching movies COMFORTABLY via the HDMI port.

The best part is, it doesn’t matter what type of work you do or where you do it because the Hub-Stand has been tried and tested in various working temperatures, from as low as 0 to 40 degrees celsius.

Other Gadgets for Traveling Smart And Staying Productive

Working on the go and staying productive has never been easier especially with a range of cool devices available today that can help you stay connected, informed, and entertained at the same time.

UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds

Get yourself some TWS HiTune with four mics for those impromptu meetings; or just to listen to some music in your free time. 


Key Features

  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology and Qualcomm QCC3020 chip for a more stable connection and rich sound.
  • Noise canceling: The sealed in-ear design allows for clearer sound and ensures high-quality music with crystal clear phone calls.
  • Up to 27 hours operating time.
  • Versatile design to accommodate all ear shapes and sizes.
  • Water and sweat proof to cater to your workouts or other physical activities.
  • One-step pairing system that allows you to connect as soon as you take them out of the charging case. 

65W GaN Charger

Alternatively, you can get yourself the 65 GaN charger with four ports to connect to. This will allow you to simultaneously charge all your devices, all while getting your work done with no disturbances.

UGREEN Portable GaN Charger

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Key Features

  • USB-C rapid charge capability so you can fully charge your MacBook Pro within 2 hours.
  • 4-port supercharger that auto-matches with the optimal output for your devices
  • Comprehensive protections to avoid over-current, over-voltage, over-heating, and short-circuit.
  • Universally compatible PD charger. Connect all your devices quickly and efficiently. 

All these objects will play a vital role on your trip. Individually, they’ll make your life easier. But working together? They might just change it completely!

A Laptop case

The suede UGREEN leather laptop case is not only super stylish, but also ensures that your partner in crime’ is safe and snug throughout your travels.

Key Features

  • 360° protection to dispel shock, and maintain the screen and body of your laptop.
  • Waterproof casing so you never have to worry about damage from liquids.
  • Secure, side-opening zip to help you avoid accidental dropping of your laptop.
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable for added travel convenience!

The X-Kit Pro set includes an awesome laptop case with two different size options: 13’’ and 15’’.  Sign up now to be one of its first backers and receive an exclusive 55% early registrant’s discount on our open day, December 10. 

Electronics organizer

In these modern times, staying connected is absolutely essential, which is why the electronics organizer is perfect for keeping all your cables, chargers, and earphones safe and detangled – a one-stop pouch for your gadget needs. 

Key Features

  • Waterproof PU leather and shockproof material to give you the ultimate protection for all your accessories
  • Easy maintenance. Stains and scratches can simply be wiped away.
  • Mesh pockets and elastic band design for keeping all your accessories well-organized. 
  • Versatile design to carry cables, power banks, your flash drive, and so much more.

For working professionals who spend significant time on the road or travelling, it is now easier than ever to stay productive while you’re on the go. And if you’re one of those professionals that are homebound due to Covid, then you can leverage the many tools and devices available on the market to create a productive and healthy “at-home” work environment by following these handy tips.

Remember, health is wealth. None of the gadgets in the world could make up for your well-being so keep safe! 🙂

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