Introducing UGREEN’s 2021 Red Dot Award Winners

In the world of technology, the relationship between design and functionality is critical. Too much focus on the aesthetic and your product will be unusable. Prioritize function at the cost of design and you risk damaging the user experience and your reputation. 

At UGREEN, we’ve always tried to develop products that strike the perfect balance between beauty and substance. This year, our product development has been recognized by Red Dot, one of the world’s most influential design competitions. 

We’re proud to announce that UGREEN won a total of six outstanding product awards. Here are the 2021 Red Dot winners.

UGREEN Reddot Awards

USB-C GaN Charger

The collection of devices we all rely on is at the center of our entertainment, communication, and work, whether we are on the go or relaxing at home. 

But all of these electronics come with a need for power, which means you need to carry a variety of chargers for your laptop, tablet, mobile phone, headphones, and more. 

65W USB-C GaN Charger
USB-C GaN Charger

Our 65W GaN charger comes with four ports to help you charge all of your devices in one go. With fast charging and a sleek design, you can say goodbye to carrying multiple chargers around and restore your power levels, fast. 

With gallium nitride built-in, you get a small, lightweight, low heat generation charger that’s highly capable. 

The X-Kit

Several tech trends inspired the creation of the UGREEN X-Kit. On the one hand, laptops are growing smaller, more capable, and more ubiquitous. As a result, these sleek computers are growing more common in our lives. 

But on the other hand, the drive to make laptops smaller and more aesthetic has come at the cost of something pretty important: ports. 

With more people than ever relying on tiny laptops for work and entertainment, the world needs accessories that can elevate the user experience. 

The X-Kit

That’s where the UGREEN X-Kit comes in. Our sleek laptop hub combines the concept of a folding laptop stand with the functionality USB-C docking station. 

Working from home has become the norm in recent times. But not many people have domestic offices that are well set up for comfort and productivity. Back and neck problems are something we can all relate to, and that’s partly down to our computers not being adaptable enough. 

With four adjustable heights alongside USB 3.0 ports, the card reader, and HDMI video output, the X-Kit is a versatile accessory that expands your media options. Work seamlessly with an external keyboard, mouse, or monitor and adjust your workspace to suit you!  

10000mAh Power Bank

If you’ve been an Apple user for a few years, you’ll have noticed that there are all sorts of chargers you need to use to keep your devices online. Whether you’ve got an Apple Watch, an iPhone, or an iPad, carrying all of that around peripheral gear is enough to weigh you down.  

10000mAh Power Bank

UGREEN’s lightweight 10000 mAh power bank is a miniature masterpiece that combines a magnetic charge point for your Apple Watch with Lightning input and USB output for your iPhone and iPad. The result is one device that helps you top up the power in all three of your Apple gadgets. 

Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter 

From old audio equipment in cars and at home to incompatible games consoles, plenty of everyday devices we use are restricted by a lack of Bluetooth connectivity.

UGREEN’s elegant 2-in1 Bluetooth receiver and transmitter supports Bluetooth 5.0 and includes a 3.5mm audio male connector that can be easily adjusted to fit legacy equipment. It also features the latest USB-C charging interface and has a powerful lithium battery to keep the music playing for as long as you need it.

Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter

Laser Pointer

Presentations are stressful enough without having to worry about whether your media is on point. With the UGREEN Laser Pointer, you can devote all of your energy and attention to what matters: engaging your audience. 

Our slick design features buttons made from fine aluminum alloy for coolness and comfort. The control area around them is made from environmentally friendly plastic with a unique texture, cleverly divided to make sure you press exactly what you mean to in the moment. 

Laser Pointer

The placement of the buttons has been carefully thought through to ensure controlling dynamic presentations is as smooth and natural as possible.   

Makeup Mirror

When you’re putting on makeup, lighting matters. Whether it’s on the go before a night out or first thing in the morning, it’s important that you can see what you’re doing! UGREEN’s smart beauty mirror has a clever design that incorporates 360 degrees of rotation, up and down angle adjustment, and three separate brightness levels.  

The mirror body can be detached from the base for a portable makeup mirror you can rely on, wherever you are. 

Makeup Mirror

Outstanding Designs Spanning All Your Technology Needs

So there you have it! From our innovative X-Kit to a power bank capable of charging multiple Apple devices at once, all of our products and Apple accessories are inspired by and built for our global community. 

These six Red Dot Awards show that the work of the UGREEN team is being recognized by international design experts. But we’re not stopping there. We’ll continue to build products that are elegant, original, and exactly what you need. More for you!

How important do you think design is when it comes to choosing tech accessories? And which of the products above do you like best? Let us know in the comments below! 

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