HiTune X5 Product Journey: Your Experience Matters

UGREEN released a new video on the official website and social media platforms on August 3rd. The video shows the design and acoustic story behind UGREEN’s HiTune X5 earbuds. Viewers will experience the entire development cycle of the latest acoustic innovation while witnessing the unique design decisions that set the X5 apart from others in the market.

The design of X5s is unique in its outer shape, providing a smart middle-ground between conventional and short-stemmed buds. The team chose this design after conducting hundreds of design reviews. For the internals, the X5s also went through extensive testing and selection process from the materials to the tuning.

Q: What kind of earbuds do you want to build for the public?  

Cherie (Product Manager): The earbuds need to cater to the most basic needs of a listener. It should have incredible sound and look, it should feel great with a good price.

X5 product manager

Q: What do you want people to feel when they wear the earbuds?

Cherie: Comfortable to wear with a stable fit. We are a people-driven company. Ergonomics, user habits and aesthetic preferences are all considered when making and optimizing earbuds.

Brian(Industry Designer): We put a lot of effort into the early design process. After studying the structure and size of thousands of human ears and earbuds, we explored a unique design between in-ear earbuds and traditional earbuds.

From an idea on a piece of paper, to the construction of the model, and to the adjustment again and again….While ensuring an elegant and beautiful appearance, we also want the user to have a comfortable and natural wearing experience.

x5 acoustic desginer

In order to provide the most comfortable wearing experience, we repeatedly adjusted and optimized the shape of the earbuds. We modified the design details more than 40 times, constantly starting over and repeating the process. Finally, we found an optimal balance between the smooth aesthetic lines and in-ear comfort.

UGREEN HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

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Q: When people put on the earbuds, what will the acoustic experience be like?

Anson(Acoustic Engineer): A more natural and authentic sound. We spent nearly 2 months selecting and comparing tonnes of different diaphragm materials. With our acoustic engineers’ tuning technology, we repeatedly compared each possible dynamic driver and analyzed the sound quality of the different diaphragms.

Finally, we decided to use “PU (Polyurethane) +PEEK (Polyether ether ketone) composite diaphragm” with “CCAW” voice coil and “high-performance magnetic material (NdFeB)” to achieve the best quality sound.

acoustic engineer

PU(Polyurethane) is soft and elastic, which is important for deep and punchy bass. We wanted to avoid a muddy reverb quality. PEEK is rigid enough to keep the vocals soft and natural, allowing the highs to be crisp and not harsh.

We have a unique tuning system called the Superbass enhancement technology, and we paid particular attention to the low and high notes. But, we also needed to have high fidelity in the mid and mid-high-frequencies, to make sure things like podcasts don’t sound distorted.


Based on the X5’s APTX codec, the structural design, careful material selection, and sound tuning: We present TWS earbuds with natural and smooth well-rounded sound for lows, mids, and highs, and the ability to bring out richer music details.

Cherie: We wanna make a wonderful musical experience for users, with products they really love, at an affordable price.

Perfect for daily use and designed with real people’s needs in mind. As a people-driven company, we are always pursuing the goal of making people’s lives more convenient.


HiTune X5 Product Journey: Your Experience Matters


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