“No Tricks, Just Treats” Halloween Giveaway Challenge

2020 is surreal, and the upcoming Halloween may be a little different for most of us. No gathering, no big party, no Trick-or-Treating. While social-distancing may keep us at home, it certainly can’t hold back the creativity. Let’s stay home, and stay creative! Get up and dig out your wackiest scariest costumes, carve out a perfect pumpkin and decorate your place with the wildest Halloween vibe!

Join the #UGREENHalloweenChallenge by sharing your photos and stories with us! Here are some directions we’d recommend: How’s your Halloween different this year compared with past years? What are your plans? What’s your best/worst Halloween memory? AND remember to share your photos with us for bigger chances to win a free Halloween gift from UGREEN!

The UGREEN Halloween Challenge Rules:

1. Join the Gleam below;

2. Leave us a comment below and shareyour Halloween story (tip: comments with photos will have a better chance to win)

3. FIVE lucky winners will be announced on Oct. 31.

No Trick-or-Treating, but we wish you a healthy, fun Halloween this year. Stay healthy, stay creative with UGREEN!

“No Tricks, Just Treats” – Halloween Giveaway

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