The 4 Best Fast Chargers for Your Next Trip

Nothing feels worse than the sinking feeling upon the realization that you have forgotten your phone charger or power bank when unpacking. We have all been there at some point as there is usually so much focus on other things that we end up forgetting to pack the most essential accessories. 

That being said, we have created simple packing guides that will come in handy when packing for your next trip to ensure that you forget no essential accessory this time. Read on to find out more.

best chargers for travel

Short Trip Chargers Guide

The way we pack has certainly changed, especially for short trips. It only seems like yesterday when we used to drag a suitcase no matter the trip. Airlines have become more stingy with their luggage allowances therefore, for short trips, it is wise to keep it simple as you don’t require too many accessories anyway.

1. 20W Mini PD USB-C Charger 

Remember, we are trying to save as much packing space as we can, that is where this 20W Mini charger comes in. It will offer you 20W fast charging while occupying half the space that would have otherwise been occupied by the original iPhone 12 USB-C charger.

To go with your USB-C charger, you will need two cables, that is, if you own an iPhone. Good USB-C cables will serve all your fast charging and data transfer needs. Good news for gamers as this 60W USB-C cable comes with an innovative 90 degrees L design to ensure that you comfortably game when charging your phone. It additionally offers broad compatibility so that you don’t have to pack multiple cables for your Android and Apple devices.

20w charger with cable

For iPhone users, you would need a reliable MFi-certified Lightning cable that will not offer fast charging but also fast transfer speeds. 

In terms of charging devices, these are all the accessories you would need but you could always go further and carry a power bank with you just in case.

2. Power Bank

A power bank is a lifesaver especially when traveling. It comes in handy when you are not close to a power outlet or if you will be outdoors a lot on your trip and won’t get enough time to properly charge your devices.

There is a great range of options of power banks to choose from depending on the capacity you will need. They also come in compact sizes, the same size or smaller than your smartphone to economize on space.

There has always been uncertainty regarding flying with power banks. We will clear them below.

Portable power bank

Are Power Banks Allowed On Planes?

Simply put, yes. You can take a majority of portable chargers on a flight as long as they are below a certain specified limit and are packed in your carry-on luggage. Airlines are strict on these mainly due to safety reasons. As in extreme conditions, though rare, Lithium-ion batteries could burst into flames.

As much as they are allowed on flights, ensure that you do not use them when flying for safety reasons.

Middle Length Trip Chargers Guide

You may need to pack more devices for this trip (around 5 days) on top of the devices we have suggested above. For book lovers, you might pack a kindle to read books on the flight to kill time. Since you will pack relatively more devices compared to the 3-day trip, you will need:

3. 36W 2 Port PD USB C Charger

Since you have more devices, you will need more charging ports. A good idea would be to go for this 36W USB-C charger that comes with two ports. It is not only compact which is great for traveling but also efficient as it can fast charge two devices simultaneously.

36w charger

Now that you have your charger, remember to pack your USB cables. And if you do carry your Kindle pack a C-Micro USB cable to charge it.

Long Trip Chargers Guide

For longer trips (8-10 days), you may need to pack multiple devices like smartphones, a laptop, a gaming console, etc.

4. 100W 3C1A GaN charger

To save space, instead of carrying multiple chargers we recommend the 100W 3C1A GaN charger. This charger will save you tons of space as it basically meets all your charging needs for your laptop, your phone, switch, etc.

100w GaN charger

It features four ports, three USB-C ports, and one USB-A charging port. As much as it is compact, it has an impressive 100W power output, additionally, it has a foldable plug. 

In summary, always remember to keep things simple when packing, the less the better. This will ensure that your luggage is not overweight as you could be fined by the flight company.

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Charge Safely

Regardless of whether you are taking a short trip or a long trip, you want to make sure you are charging safely using a charger from a reputable company. You can indeed get a charger from a convenience store, but there is a lot of hardware and software that makes a charger work.

If you use a charger from a convenience store you are likely overpaying for a cheap piece of plastic that might damage your devices. There are many reputable companies, so you have options just don’t forget your chargers at home. 

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