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Navitas and Ugreen Announce GaNFast™ Global Marketing Program

ugreen 100w charge

New program amplifies gallium nitride (GaN) speed, user-experience and CO2-reduction benefits El Segundo, CA, February 17th, 2022— Navitas Semiconductor (Nasdaq: NVTS) the industry leader in GaN power ICs, has announced a GaNFast Global Marketing Program with consumer electronics and accessory specialist Ugreen. The…

How Long Can the USB Cable Be?

How Long Can the USB Cable be

If you have ever tried to run an extremely long USB cable, you might have encountered a problem. USB connections have length limits, if the connection is too long it won’t work properly. In this article, we will discuss what…

Why Do Some Chargers Get Hot?

Charger get hot

You have probably been charging a device before and realized that your charger was getting hot. Something like a laptop adaptor might get so hot that it could catch fire. What makes a charger get so hot? Why do some…

The Complete Guide to USB Type-C


Nearly every phone or laptop comes with a USB-C port these days. The popular connector is creating waves in the electronics world and is steadily wiping out other port types. In fact, the European Commission is seeking to implement a law…

Best Discounts to Snag Before Christmas

Best Discounts to Snag Before Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone! UGREEN wants to help you celebrate the Christmas season. This article is going to highlight some excellent UGREEN products that currently have a discount to make your Christmas shopping easier. Keep in mind that these discount codes…

Quick Tips on Active Noise Cancellation


Active noise cancellation has become a standard feature for earbuds and headphones, but what makes active noise cancellation work? This article is meant to provide a simple explanation of how active noise cancellation works. But, we will also be talking…

Apple MFi Certified: The Definitive Guide

Apple MFi Certified Banner

If you’ve never understood what the MFi certified label on Apple chargers and accessories means, this article has got you covered. For starters, many companies manufacture Apple accessories, including Lightning cables, video game controllers, and more. However, some of these…

Review: UGREEN HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

HiTune X5 Review

With the removal of headphone ports proceeding apace on mobile devices, the only answer is to go wireless. Offering a bunch of options for Bluetooth earphones is UGREEN, whose latest release is the HiTune X5 True Wireless Stereo Earbuds. Offering…

How to Choose Your iPhone 13?

How to Choose Your iPhone 13

Apple has just released its new lineup of iPhone smartphones announced at the company’s annual event. Now, consumers who want to shift to Apple or upgrade their current iPhone have plenty of options. The iPhone 13 series is available in…