All About that TWS Bass in Your Earbuds

In the early 2010s, the sound quality of headphones was on the rise. Tech fans were getting tired of the sub-standard audio experience that came with regular in-the-box headphones, and the market responded.

As manufacturers capitalized on the desire for a bigger, meatier, bassier sound, there were even songs being written about our love of all things bass. You might have heard this one, by Meghan Trainor…

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Ever wondered what’s so special about those low resonant frequencies? Well, in popular music, the bassline bridges the gap between the treble and the percussion. It serves both a harmonic function and a rhythmic one.

In this article, we’re going to explore the world of low-frequency sound. So are you really all about that bass? Let’s find out…

The Function of Bass

The Harmonic Function of Bass

A chord is a combination of notes played at the same time. When we listen to music, the way that a chord feels emotionally depends on the lowest note. The bass provides a context for the mid and treble notes, and the relationship between these three is the basis of harmony.

All of which explains why having the right gear to listen to your music is so important. If you’re on the hunt for a pair of TWS earbuds that are all about the bass, look no further than the UGREEN HiTune T1. These earbuds come with 6mm graphene dynamic drivers that cover frequencies from 20 to 20000Hz with crisp precision.

The Rhythmic Function of Bass

As well as fleshing out the harmonic sound of a piece of music, the bassline also reinforces the overall sense of rhythm.

It may seem counterintuitive, but even though the bass is crucial to a song’s feeling of rhythm, lower notes are more difficult for the human ear to perceive than higher ones. However, bass notes are much easier to physically feel. It’s this kinesthetic quality that gives bass its rhythmic power.

So Why Do Music Lovers Value Bass?

Bass is found everywhere in nature, and more importantly, within our bodies. The rhythmic, bassy thud of our heartbeat accompanies us from our very first to our very last breath. Science has confirmed the strong link between our heartbeat and our affinity for music.

One study demonstrated how crucial bass is in a person’s enjoyment of music. Researchers showed that humans are far better at identifying when low frequencies are played out of time than we are at detecting the same errors in higher-pitched sounds.

Music without bass is flat, hollow, unmoving, and just generally not that great to listen to. The reason that good bass production in headphones is so highly valued by music lovers is that the bass functions as the glue that binds the other musical elements together.

With underwhelming or nonexistent bass, songs sound worse. Music lacks emotional depth and character.

How do the Components Inside TWS Earbuds Let Us Feel the Bass?

Headphones are very smart little pieces of tech. Using a minimum of parts, they manage to convert electrical signals into the full spectrum of recordable sounds.

We could write an entire article on the way that True Wireless Stereo works (in fact, we have!), but without getting too technical, the driver receives the electronic signals from the audio source, then uses magnets and coils to move a diaphragm which produces sound waves. The sound waves then travel down the ear canal where they hit the eardrum and produce the sensation of listening to music.

There are numerous different types of drivers available on the market, but generally speaking, the larger the driver, the better the bass response. This is because larger drivers can move a larger amount of air.

As well as better bass, larger drivers allow for better overall sound quality and a louder volume.

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If you need a pair of headphones (or know someone who does) and you like your bass, the HiTune T1 TWS earbuds will satisfy your low-frequency desires – without breaking the bank.

The HiTune T1 from UGREEN comes with advanced 6mm graphene dynamic drivers that reproduce frequencies from 20 to 20000Hz with crystal clarity.

As well as the superb drivers, the T1 earbuds come with several bass-boosting features. Chief among these is the EQ mode, which has well-balanced and deep bass settings to get the most out of your music.

When you use in-ear headphones, low, persistent background frequencies can interfere with your listening experience. UGREEN’s Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology identifies and neutralizes these background frequencies.

The ENC in the T1 allows the deep, bassy tones of your music to come through unimpeded, without competition from the outside world.

If you like your bass loud, down and dirty, and want a low-frequency boost, you can switch things up even more by turning on the T1’s SUPER BASS mode. But be warned, this one isn’t for the faint of heart.

The best news? UGREEN’s HiTune T1 earphones have a massive 24-hour battery life when used with the charging case, so you can enjoy powerful bass for longer between charges.

Which genres of music convey bass the best?

Certain genres of music lend themselves to thick, meaty bassline hooks. Some relegate the bass to the background of the track, where it provides the harmony and rhythmic support described earlier.

Some styles of music are less shy about placing the bass right at the forefront of the action. Generally, these types of music convey the bass capability of sound equipment best.

Some genres of music that utilize bass-heavy hooks and sound great through the UGREEN T1 earbuds include:

  • Funk
  • Reggae
  • Latin
  • Jazz
  • Dub
  • Drum n Bass


Really though, all music sounds better when the bass lines are crisp and powerful. Regardless of whether you’re more into Mozart or Metallica, bigger bass is best.

Have You Got That Boom Boom? A Summary of All Things Bassy

Bass is an essential part of pretty much all music. Without a good bassline, there is nothing to bind the various elements of a piece together, and the music ends up sounding flat, tinny, and unemotional.

If you’re like us and you too are all about that bass, the HiTune T1’s Superbass mode is here to provide your listening experience with some low-end power. Our latest earbuds have a fantastic sound that you will be hard-pressed to find in other products with a comparable price tag.

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