The Best Playlists For Your Holiday Season

The holidays are coming and it’s time to get together with the people you care about the most. At least that’s the plan until you realize why you don’t see them that much for the other 364 days of the year! If you know the feeling, you’ll also know that music is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. It’s also a great way to get some time to yourself during the festive season!

Christmas time always feels reassuringly familiar, but music and the way we listen to it are always evolving. Today that means True Wireless Stereo (TWS) is all the rage. Our two most popular TWS options come from our HiTune range: The HiTune Wireless Earbuds and the HiTune T1 Wireless Earbuds.

Both give you easy access to all of your favorite songs. With no annoying cables, you can fly through your gift wrapping session without fuss. Or, if you’re looking to unwind after a big turkey dinner, a snug fit and plenty of battery life are the perfect companions for an easy holiday stroll. Although we can’t promise they’ll help with the post-pudding heartburn!

Different TWS devices will suit different occasions and different types of music. If you’re trying to get some space during the busy holiday period, something with noise-canceling will be ideal. If you’re prioritizing quality for your festive tunes, high fidelity sound and a range of listening options are important, too.

In this article, we’ll be recommending some pitch-perfect holiday playlists to go with our TWS Earbuds.


Holiday Pop

Pop music is up first on our list. Pop itself is short for popular music, so you can be sure there’s a track for everyone on this playlist.

If you’re looking for something uplifting that’ll put you in the mood for another day of family gatherings and food, glorious food, Last Christmas by Wham! is a perfect choice.

This soulful Christmas classic features George Michael’s soothing vocals and is a perfect number if you want to start the day with a spring in your step.

Take in the depth of sound with the HiTune Earbuds, which offer lossless audio, and, just in case you’re tired of all the festive socialising, Qualcomm cVc 8.0 noise-canceling technology. This handy feature will let you focus on the music and get some much-needed R&R over the festive season.

Another great track on the playlist is by Lil Nas X. His latest tune, Holiday, is perfect if you’re a fan of big basslines. The HiTune T1 Earbuds come with Superbass Mode at the touch of a button, so you can fully immerse yourself into deeper, more powerful sounds.

Finally on our list of Pop tracks is All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey. This song gets the emotions flowing with epic vocals and the perfect balance between cheesy pop and festive cheer. It goes perfectly with the HiTune T1 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds, thanks to our Balanced Mode!

Funk & Soul

Funk & Soul Classics

Next up we enter the realm of Funk & Soul, a genre with big basslines, funky rhythmic guitar, and uplifting vocals. First up we have to Get Down On It by Kool & The Gang.

This song has it all: A great brass section, a bassline that makes you want to get up and dance, and a perfect range of vocals. If you’re not at least tapping your foot while listening to this with some HiTune True Wireless Earbuds, you may need to seek professional help.

Next is another Funk classic: Pick up the Pieces by the Average White Band. This track has some of the most iconic Saxophone ever and is perfect for getting in the mood for the holiday season. Put this on and you’ll be dancing through the house with your HiTunes – we promise!

If you’re looking for a song with epic guitar, solid drums and a funky organ, then Chicken Fat by Mel Brown will be your next hit. As the guitarist riffs over the top of a funk melody, you can take it all in with our HiTune T1 Wireless Earbuds and their new EQ setting: Bass Boost!


Chilled Classical

If you’re looking for something as the festive evening begins to wind down, Classical music could be the right pick. There’s something for everyone on this relaxed playlist.

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence by Ryuichi Sakamoto is the perfect piece to start with. With a beautiful woodwind section and memorable piano, you’ll be whisked away into a festive wonderland.

If you’re a lover of classics, check out the London Symphony Orchestra playing Clair de Lune. This iconic piece is performed brilliantly and will bring a touch of calm to the often hectic festive season. With the HiTune True Wireless Earbud’s 27 hours of total playtime, you’ll be able to listen to all the greats from your favorite composers, whenever you like!


100 Great Jazz Classics

Finally on our list we have some festive Jazz recommendations. This genre has all the swing you need for an uplifting Christmas playlist. Even though Christmas isn’t the focus, all of these tunes somehow feel Christmassy. It makes this Jazz playlist a handy alternative if you’re looking for music over the festive season – especially if you’re getting a little tired of the cheesy holiday songs!

Take Five by Dave Brubeck is our first Jazz track. This classic offers just the right amount of swing and is perfect for festive walks, washing up after dinner, and relaxing in the evening!

Thanks to the immersive stereo sound and lossless audio of the HiTune Earbuds, you’ll be able to hear every crisp tap of the hi-hat, the clarity of the smooth alto saxophone, and each subtle yet distinct piano chord keeping beat in the background.

Art Blakey’s cover of Moanin’, originally by Jazz legend Bobby Timmons who you can hear on the keys, is a great song if you want to take a festive walk. Our HiTune T1s are perfect for emphasizing the swagger you’ll feel with every step. Simply adjust the earbuds to find the perfect fit, and let the HiTune T1 take care of the rest!

Wishing you all the best

So there we have it. Some of the best music to get you in high spirits for the holiday season! When you’re listening with the UGREEN HiTune and HiTune T1 Earbuds, you get a great balance of audio quality, comfort, and battery life to make your Christmas playlists even more special.

We hope we’ve managed to find some great songs for you to listen to regardless of how you enjoy them. And we also hope that wherever you are this holiday and whatever you’re doing, that you have a fantastic time. Happy Holidays!

Let us know in the comments below what your festive listening plans include. What tracks will you be tuning into over the next few weeks?

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