How Can You Use Steam Deck to Control Your PC Games?

Today, many like to play games locally through their smart devices. But some want to stream games directly from their PC. This is where Stream Deck has become a reliable device for remote playing games through your PC. Valve Corporation has launched the Stream Deck handheld gaming controller product, allowing users to control their PC games easily. This compact, portable design makes it an excellent option for on-the-go gaming.

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Steam Deck Windows 11 and 10 can be installed and run effortlessly due to their versatile nature. Gamers can connect the device to their PC via Bluetooth or USB. Since its layout is similar to the traditional gaming controller, users can easily control in-game actions through familiar buttons and triggers. Read below to learn how to connect the Steam Deck to your PC and enjoy your favorite games in an immersive and convenient way.

How Can I Use Steam Deck to Control My PC Games?

You may wonder why you stream games from your Windows on Steam Deck when you can just play games locally. Although there could be various reasons, Steam Deck enables players to stream games on a larger screen without sitting at their computer. This is even more convenient as a portable option to indulge in the game wherever you go. Due to not having compatible graphics cards or OS, players may not play certain games.

Steam Deck allows them to play the games on a more capable device, and you can customize the settings. When the disk space fills up in the Steam Deck, you can expand the storage with a microSD card without affecting your PC performance. If you have decided to use the Steam Deck device to control PC games, follow the steps below for the setup and control procedure.

1. Setting up Steam Deck

To set up the Steam Deck, you need to purchase a Steam Deck first from the Valve Corporation website or an authorized retailer.

 Step 1. Downloading and installing Steam Deck

  • Go to the Steam website and click on the “Install Steam” button. Once the Steam Deck installs Windows downloaded on your computer, run the Steam setup file.
  • Now follow through with the on-screen instructions to install the Steam app on your computer. Create a Steam account and fill in the required information to create a new account before clicking on the “Next” proceed button.

 Step 2. Connecting Steam Deck to your PC

  • Connect the Steam Deck Windows 11 to your computer through a USB cable, or pair the device with your PC via Bluetooth.
  • Once the Steam Controller is connected, steam will automatically detect the device, and an instant action window will pop up asking you to configure the controller. 

Step 3. Configuring Steam Deck settings

  • In the Steam Controller settings configuration window, select which games you want to play, and they customize the controls for each game.
  • Choose the default configuration to create a custom configuration according to your gaming style.
  • Next, configure the Steam Deck under the Controller section to customize the button layout, lighting effects and other settings per your preferences.
  • Once the Steam Deck and Steam Controller are configured, launch the game and play using the controllers.
  • Now you can control games, navigate the steam interface and play games on the big screens using Steam Link.

 2. Using Steam Deck for PC gaming control

First, connect the Steam Deck to your computer via Bluetooth or USB cable. Once you have Windows on Steam Deck installed, launch the Steam App on your computer.

Step 1. Assigning buttons and controls to Steam Deck

  • Go to “Settings” in the Steam App and select “Controller.”
  • Select “Steam Deck” in this section to click on “Button Assignments” to assign buttons and controls to the Steam Deck. Now you can see a list of buttons to map out the specific buttons for a particular command, including the trigger, directional and bumper buttons.

Step 2. Customizing button layout and settings

  • Customize the layout of the buttons on the Steam Deck in the “Button Assignments” section with various formats.
  • Now customize the lighting effects, haptic feedback and other settings in this section.
  • Once the button assignments and settings are done for the Steam Deck, save it, and you can use it to control your PC games.
  • If you don’t want to reconfigure the Steam Deck every time, select the saved configuration when you play a game.

Step 3. Utilizing Steam Deck for in-game controls

  • Now simply launch the game from the steam library to play a game, and the Steam Deck will automatically get recognized as the gaming controller.
  • After saving your custom configurations, you can use the buttons on the Steam Deck to control the game, navigate menus and perform all kinds of in-game actions.

Recommend products to enhance your gaming experience

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The Steam Deck Dock also expands your gaming setup by providing ample connectivity options for controllers, keyboards, mice, and other devices. Its anti-slip silicone strip and 90° connector ensure a perfect fit and stable connection, while its high-speed Ethernet port eliminates network latency, allowing you to win more games. The dock also charges your Steam Deck at full speed, with a maximum charging power of 45W, so you can play for longer without worrying about power loss.


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Final Words

Steam Deck can integrate seamlessly with the Steam client on your computer when you connect the device to your PC via Bluetooth or USB. As it can control the comprehensive gaming action, it’s an ideal solution for stream users looking for a portable gaming controller. Additionally, Steam Deck is customizable that lets you allot particular actions to buttons and keys. Thanks to this, your gaming experience can be streamlined and more effective.

Potential updates for Steam Deck may involve new software features like customization options, improved haptic feedback & support for new games and applications. The valve may also launch a new addition of buttons, thumbsticks, or triggers to make the device more ergonomic and durable. In the future, gamers may expect increased compatibility with other consoles or gaming laptops.

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