Giveaway – Start the NEW YEAR Fresh!

Years come and go, and January 2021 comes in strong. Time to write the next chapter of your life, but where do we start? Embrace a different lifestyle, a fresh new start by taking the first step to make a difference in our lives. Yes, we are talking about new year’s resolutions.

What are your plans for 2021? Get in shape, manage your finances, or keep healthy?  Share ideas with UGREEN by joining our hashtag topic #newyearresolutions, and you will get a chance to win gifts that help enable a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Giveaway rules:

1. Join the Gleamgiveaway below;

2. Leave us a comment below and share your new year resolutionswithhashtag #newyearresolutions;

3. Share this giveawaywith your friends;

4. 10 lucky winners will be announced on Feb 2, 2021;

5. Join the Gleam. Click the button below to get the bonus. The higher the bonus, the greater your chance of winning.

May you achieve all your goals in life! Let’s now kick off a fresh year together!

Win Gifts for Your New Year’s Resolutions!


Congratulations to:

First Prize:

James Hernandez       Apa****

Second Prize:

Ulia Budylina          auv****

Nicole Martin          nikkis******

Niyati Jones           niyati*****

kJ Hau                     jacob******[email protected]

Niron Paul              niron****

Александр Зарубин    alexandr****

Harold Patiff           harp****

Ashley Batchelor       am********[email protected]

Leroy Kobach          leroy******

Thanks for your participation and congratulations!

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