Giveaway – Start the NEW YEAR Fresh!

Years come and go, and January 2021 comes in strong. Time to write the next chapter of your life, but where do we start? Embrace a different lifestyle, a fresh new start by taking the first step to make a difference in our lives. Yes, we are talking about new year’s resolutions.

What are your plans for 2021? Get in shape, manage your finances, or keep healthy?  Share ideas with UGREEN by joining our hashtag topic #newyearresolutions, and you will get a chance to win gifts that help enable a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Giveaway rules:

1. Join the Gleamgiveaway below;

2. Leave us a comment below and share your new year resolutionswithhashtag #newyearresolutions;

3. Share this giveawaywith your friends;

4. 10 lucky winners will be announced on Feb 2, 2021;

5. Join the Gleam. Click the button below to get the bonus. The higher the bonus, the greater your chance of winning.

May you achieve all your goals in life! Let’s now kick off a fresh year together!

Win Gifts for Your New Year’s Resolutions!


Congratulations to:

First Prize:

James Hernandez       Apa****

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Ulia Budylina          auv****

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Niyati Jones           niyati*****

kJ Hau                     jacob******[email protected]

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Александр Зарубин    alexandr****

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Thanks for your participation and congratulations!

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86 Replies to “Giveaway – Start the NEW YEAR Fresh!

  1. We might has planned many resolutions of the year,but god has over writed everything to learn about “Unity”. Pendemic teach alot to humanity,about long forgotten hygiene issues and politeness among us.The only resolution of the year is hope humanity unite and overcome this pendemic situation and live in peace and harmonically. #Stay Safe everyone !

  2. We might has planned many resolutions of the year,but god has over writed everything to learn about “Unity”. Pendemic teach alot to humanity,about long forgotten hygiene issues and politeness among us.The only resolution of the year is hope humanity unite and overcome this pendemic situation and live in peace and harmonically. Stay Safe everyone. #newyearresolutions

  3. #newyearresolutions
    New start better life 😜 hope so 💝
    Samy Benz Anes Moundir Benz Ilyes Kiki Benzeggouta

  4. This new year 2021 I hope to be able to resume my working life and get out of the economic crisis in which I am immersed. #newyearresolutions

  5. #newyearresolutions
    As always, there are a lot of plans for this year.
    1. Finish the improvement of the suburban area. And live there in the summer.
    2. Go with your family to St. Petersburg by car. With a visit to the Golden Ring (Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Rostov, Vladimir). And if it turns out, then visit Pskov and Veliky Novgorod.
    3. Try to spend more time on graphics and painting. And finally equip a full-fledged workplace.
    All my plans are inextricably linked with Ugreen products.

  6. The most important of all is to be organized. I never have the habit of organizing my work and therefore end up in incomplete homework and projects. So this year I plan to be more systematic and organized, so that I finish my work on time and do not keep pending, the works assigned to me.

  7. #newyearsresolutions is to stop procrastinating with college work and just do it way before the deadline 🙂

  8. My new year resolution is due to living in this COVID-19 pandemic era, I want to be a much more productive person despite of the hardships that I’m currently having as a full time degree student who needs to survive the Online Distance Learning. I’m preparing myself with a lot of new skills for the upcoming days of the new normal era that is challenging. I’m also currently using UGREEN products to support my new year resolution. 🙂 🙏 #newyearresolutions

  9. #newyearresolutions
    – Get rid of things and relationships that no longer served me.., make room for better things to come this 2021.
    – Practice what I preached.
    – Communicate, keep in touch, and spend quality time with family and friends.
    It’s not about what hasn’t been done but rather all the blessings and opportunities that come my way, big and small.

  10. Have a peaceful year to you! I wish you to be successful as much as we can…always active 🙏🏻😇

  11. Be wise focus on my goals and finish my education for the better future. #newyearresolutions

  12. My new year resolutions this 2021 number one: do more exercise and be healthy. I will do more exercise like jogging and lifting weights while listening my favorite songs on my Ugreen HiTune T1 Earbuds. Number Two: spend and invest on gadgets wisely, I would only buy on high quality, durable and worth the money Electronics Products like Ugreen offers. Number Three: Love myself more because there is only one me.


  13. 2020 was the toughest year and hopefully this 2021 will be the Healing year for us, no more COVID, no more facemasks, no more faceshields and Earth will be safe again to live in. My resolution this year is that i promise to be healthy and have more patience. More exercise and less stress eating (hopefully 🤪😅😂🤫🤭) Lets keep ourselves healthy,safe and happy 💖 HEALTH is WEALTH ❤ Stay Safe Everyone ❤ Ugreen
    Join here
    Juriz Pactor
    Yuanne Kyle Pactor
    Riza Lyn
    Rizalina Talisaysay
    Francisco Natan Pactor Jr.
    Gary Maca
    Karen Ramilo

  14. My new year resolution is to become healthy and fit,save money for study and spend more time together with my family and i hope covid 19 will end


  15. My new year resolution is to live a healthier lifestyle by eating healthier foods and working out regularly.

  16. My #newyearresolutions is to make use of this pandemic and be more productive and proactive in my work and health!

  17. #newyearresolutions
    My decision for the New Year 2021 is to go in for sports and restore my health. To make even more #Ugreen purchases.

  18. Plans for 2021:
    1. Purchase a new smartphone; 😎
    2. And now not about the material, to do something new in your life, something that you have not done and never tried before🤗🤗🤗

  19. #newyearresolutions – reconnect with all my friends after the time spent apart in 2020 because of the pandemic.

  20. Pandemic has forced me to learn to drop my ego and let go. I must accept that some things, or people, are simply not meant for me no matter how hard i try to pursue them. Hence, i’m now trying to be more grateful for all the things i have and for the chance to still be alive today 🙂 #newyearresolutions

  21. Since I have a passion with gadgets, electronics I’d like to use-test more of your fairly right price Ugreen products. I really admire excellent quality products. #newyearresolutions

  22. Since pandemic i can’t travel no more freely so this year while working from home i want to spend more time with my family, friends and co-workers i want to stay in touch with them! I want to learn something new such as yoga or built in some small parts for mini gym in order to stay fit body and focus on my mind, also i want to learn to cook so i can eat more healthy foods #newyearresolutions

  23. “The New Year stands before us like a fresh chapter in a book”
    There is a lot of goals in this 2021 & my plan is :
    1. Start a Meditation Practice.
    2. Learn Something New Each Day.
    3. Pick Up a Hobby.
    4. Play More.
    5. Eat Fewer Calories.
    6. Write a Business Plan.
    7. Read More Books.
    8. Be More Grateful.
    9. Stop Procrastinating.
    10. Spend More Time In Nature.
    But the most important is to stay healthy with your family 👪 & to live with them in peace.

  24. Tienen productos para todo, de calidad y a buen precio.

    They have products for anything, with good quality and good price.

  25. #newyearresolutions I don’t want to cut my hair for the rest of the year and grow a beard 🧔🏻

  26. focus more on online business to add more income for families and more savings in this new norma era.


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