7 Things You Didn’t Know Bluetooth Could Do!

Bluetooth has become a constant fixture in our daily lives. However, most people think Bluetooth is just for linking your devices to your computer or just playing audio in your earbuds. 

That is not true! Keep reading to learn seven other uses for Bluetooth.

Mobile Gaming 

Most mobile games are solo games or connect you to an online competition using a broadband connection. However, there are a number of games with localized PVP. You can connect your phone to your friend’s phone and use this connection to have a one-on-one competition. Next time your friend wants to 1V1 you, you should look for games with Bluetooth functionality.

Commercial Applications

Bluetooth is great for business owners. For example, you could automate a large factor using Bluetooth. Bluetooth beacons can allow you to track the manufacturing process and transmit data wirelessly. But, small business owners can use it too. If you have a mobile payment system, you can transmit that information to a server to automatically record sales. 

Sharing an Internet Connection

Bluetooth tethering is very similar to using a WiFi hotspot on your phone. But, Bluetooth tethering actually uses less of your battery than using a WiFi hotspot. In the past, you have only been able to tether one device at a time, but this might be changing with Bluetooth 5.2 standard. At any rate, the tethering option is normally located below the WiFi hotspot option, so give it a try sometime. 

File Transfer

In addition to tethering two phones together, you can also tether your phone to a PC or tablet to transfer files. This can allow you to transfer photos, text documents, and videos without using a cable. This is really useful, why don’t people use this function more often?

Unfortunately, Bluetooth 5.0 has a throughput of 2 Mbps. By comparison, a USB4 or Thunderbolt 4 can transfer data at 40 Gbps. So, transferring a video would be a lot faster with a cable. Still, you have the option of using Bluetooth if you forget your cable. 


You can get coupons and special bonuses just by being close to a Bluetooth beacon. If you have your Bluetooth enabled on your phone, you can get discounts for businesses that are close by, but you need to be within about 100 feet of the discount broadcasting business. 

Bluetooth advertisements were only introduced in version 5.0, so this is a pretty new function. If you are worried about being bombarded with discounts for local businesses, don’t be. It is an opt-in function, so you can simply choose not to allow this function and you won’t receive advertisements. 

Home Security

There are a number of home security systems that can be controlled using Bluetooth. Locks, alarms, and security cameras can all be controlled using Bluetooth. These security systems come with their own advantages and disadvantages. 

On the positive side, being able to open a lock Bluetooth is more secure than having a key. It is also very convenient and lightens the load in your pockets. Still, it is still less secure than a biometric scan. Also, complete security systems like Ring will use Wifi to allow you to monitor everything remotely.

Device Locator

You can actually use an app on your phone to help you find your other Bluetooth devices. We have all miss placed our earbuds a time or two. But you can check out the walkthrough provided by LifeWire on how to find them a little easier. 

This function can also be used in a factory or warehouse. It will let you know where everything is and what stage of a process you are in automatically.

Bonus: Isochronous Channels

In addition to the seven functions mentioned above, we have a couple of bonus examples. Bluetooth 5.2 offered a number of possibilities that manufacturers are working on. For instance, Isochronous Channels will allow for broadcasting to multiple peripheral devices. How would you use this?

One way you could use this is by pairing multiple speakers to a phone, so every speaker at a party could be playing the same song at the same time. This could also let you tune into a TV speaker at a sports bar. That way if you care about the commentary you can tune in, and if you don’t care you don’t have to compete with the volume. 

Bonus: Hearing Aids

You might have thought that most hearing aids use Bluetooth, or maybe you never thought about it at all. But, most earbuds don’t use Bluetooth because using Bluetooth can drain a battery pretty fast. An average pair of earbuds will get you about five or six hours of playback. But, earbuds need to last 12 hours or more. Still, Bluetooth 5.2 allows for super low energy consumption. This should make Bluetooth in hearing aids much more common. 

Future of Bluetooth?

Of course, earbuds will remain the most common use for Bluetooth, at least in the near future. On the other hand, the distant future might have a number of different uses that you don’t see much right now. It is a powerful technology that has only improved in recent years. Have you ever used Bluetooth in one of the ways we mentioned above? Hopefully, we showed you some ways to use Bluetooth that were new to you.

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