What Does GaN Charger Mean – A Comprehensive Guide

Gallium Nitride chargers have gained widespread use as a modern alternative to silicon-based chargers due to their smaller size and higher efficiency. GaN technology is typically used to convert AC power to DC power for charging electronic devices, and it has several advantages over conventional chargers that use silicon-based semiconductors. GaN chargers are known for their robust functionality, smaller size, and ability to generate less heat, making them increasingly popular among consumers.

gan technology

Due to higher power densities, GaN chargers can offer more power in a smaller form, making them ideal for use with small electronic devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. These are modern-day, sustainable charging technology that has brought a revolution in electronic gadgets’ power-up mechanism. Continue with this article to gain an essential comprehensive insight into GaN charging technology.

What is GaN material?

1. GaN material and its properties

GaN-based chargers are made of wide-bandgap semiconductor material that possesses unique properties and potential applications. This compound semiconductor is a combination of gallium and nitrogen atoms arranged in a crystalline structure. Due to the wider band gap than silicon material used in traditional chargers, GaN chargers can charge devices faster.

The wide bandgap also enables them to sustain higher voltages and operate at higher temperatures. Due to high electron mobility through the material, they result in higher performance and efficiency. GaN semiconductor materials have high thermal conductivity, which allows them to dissipate heat more efficiently than traditional materials.

2. Comparison of GaN with traditional materials used in chargers.

GaN chargers can offer several benefits compared to traditional materials used in chargers, like silicon and silicon carbide. So are GaN chargers more efficient? Although silicon is a good conductor of electricity, these materials are not as fast or efficient as GaN chargers. While Gallium Nitride charging material comes with a 3.4 eV bandgap, Silicon material only has a 1.12 eV bandgap. Hence, there is high electron movement from one band to another with less energy loss, enabling GaN chargers to charge devices faster than Silicon material chargers. Moreover, GaN can sustain high voltages and temperatures compared to silicon MOSFETs.

3. Benefits of using GaN material in chargers.

Here are some key advantageous reasons why use GaN material chargers over ordinary chargers:

  • Smaller Footprint

If it’s too much of a hassle to use the traditional charger that takes up too much space, you can consider using GaN chargers. They are of smaller size and portable, so you can take them wherever you go, and they are suitable for many small gadgets charging while carrying around. No need to carry bulky chargers, which can take up space in your bag. They would take up less space on your nightstand, desk, or purse.

  • Faster Charging Speed

In this fast-paced world, you need a charger that can keep up with your busy lifestyle when you are on the go. One of the major benefits of GaN chargers is that they are faster and more efficient. Hence, they can charge your devices three times faster than standard chargers.

Since they are more efficient, they don’t waste much energy. Whether it’s your laptop, dying smartphone, or other smart electronic gadgets, you can fully charge them even in less than an hour. No need to wait around for your phone to finish charging.

  • More Energy Efficient

GaN chargers use less energy than conventional chargers. Since they require less energy, they are better for the environment. Also, your power bill will cost less.

  • Safe charging without heating up

If you are wondering, “are gan chargers safe?” GaN chargers are beneficial for being safer and cooler to use. Normal chargers can become dangerously hot when in use. Yet, GaN chargers maintain their coolness even when rapidly charging gadgets. These chargers are built with safety mechanisms that stop gadgets from being overcharged.

GaN Charger Technology

1. How GaN charger technology works?

The GaN or Gallium Nitride charger technology is a newer and more efficient technology used to produce chargers for electronic devices. Instead of traditional silicon-based technology, it uses Gallium Nitride to produce power electronics. So how do GaN chargers work? With the switching process, GaN chargers convert AC power to DC power. This high-frequency switching mechanism allows the chargers to handle more power even though they are small and charge at a faster rate.

2. Comparison of GaN charger technology with traditional charger technology.

Compared to traditional chargers, GaN chargers can offer a number of benefits. Hence, they waste less energy during the charging process. It results in lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint. Although silicon technology is an excellent semiconductor due to its adjustable electrical properties, Gallium Nitride technology has been discovered to be a newer and better alternative to silicon. Due to better conductivity, they don’t get the same output as compared to silicon transistors.

3. Explanation of GaN’s benefits in terms of charging speed, efficiency, and safety

The higher efficiency of GaN technology allows manufacturers to create denser and more compact forms of chips for electronic gadgets. They lose less energy, which means they consume less heat. Due to more heat resistance characteristics, GaN technology is perfect for power transfer applications.

Recommend Ugreen GaN Chargers

Even though GaN chargers are relatively new in the market, you can find many reliable brands in a greater range, including USB-C chargers. Here are some of the most robust and efficient chargers on the market.

1. Ugreen Nexode Mini 45W Dual USB C Charger:

The Ugreen Nexode Mini 45W Dual USB-C Charger is a compact and portable charger designed to charge two devices simultaneously with USB-C ports. It is built with GaN technology to offer superfast charging.  Made with UL94-V0 Fireproof PC Shell and its maximum output is 45W.

Key features:

  • Dual USB-C ports for simultaneous charging
  • The PPS GaN PD foldable charger is compatible with iPhone 13, 14, Galaxy S22, Steam Deck, iPad Pro and more.
  • Overheat and overheating prevention with built-in intelligent chip safety technology
  • 36% smaller form than other 45W charging devices.

2. Ugreen Nexode 100W USB C Wall Charger – 4 Ports:

Ugreen Nexode 100W USB-C Wall Charger – 4 Ports is a GaN PD fast wall charger USB-C adapter that can simultaneously charge up to four devices. Its maximum output is 100W. The charger weighs 8.3 ounces with 2.7 x 1.3 x 2.7 inches product dimensions.

100w GaN charger

Key features:

  • Four ports, comprised of two USB-C and two USB-A port
  • A versatile and convenient charging solution for smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.
  • Built-in safety feature for preventing over-voltage, short-circuit
  • Super-fast charging with 3x power delivery

3. Ugreen Nexode 65W USB C Wall Charger – 3 Ports:

The Ugreen Nexode 65W USB-C Wall Charger – 3 Ports is a powerful charger that can simultaneously charge up to three devices. Maximum power output is up to 65W. The charger weighs up to 4.6 ounces with product dimensions of 2.6 x 1.57 x 1.22 inches.

UGREEN 65W GaN Charger

Key features:

  • Three ports charging, including two USB-C and one USB-A
  • Supports Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 fast charging
  • Advanced protection with built-in intelligent chips for overcharging, overheating, etc.
  • Compact and portable design with a foldable plug


Final Thoughts

GaN-based chargers are now considered the chargers of the future. The discovery of this advanced technology offers the same power output as the silicon chips without requiring as much space while producing less heat even though it has high wattage and is more power efficient. You can purchase small GaN power bricks, which can fast-charge multiple devices while retaining the same size as your stock charger.

All such properties make GaN a revolutionary charging technology. With more major technology devices and gadget manufacturers including GaN technology chargers in their products, soon GaN chargers would become the mainstream charging technology over silicon technology that may hit its development limit in a few years.


1. What should I consider when choosing the right GaN charger?

When choosing the right GaN charger, consider the power output, number, and type of ports, compatibility with your devices, safety features, portability, and size. It’s best to consider the brand’s reputation to ensure reliability and quality.

2. Are GaN chargers better than traditional chargers?

GaN chargers are generally better than traditional chargers because they are smaller, more efficient, and can deliver higher power without overheating.

3. Is GaN technology safe to use?

Yes, GaN technology is safe to use. GaN chargers have built-in safety features in the chip that protects against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits, making them a safe and reliable charging option.

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