The Full Update on the Latest iOS/iPad OS 16

Remember at the latest WWDC we talked about the exciting new colorful iMac and the new iOS 16? Well, now it’s official. All Apple users can access the iOS 16 from Apple’s website.

iOS 16 

Whether you are an Apple fanatic or just happened to have an iPhone, iOS 16 is coming, and it is going to change things. How much it changes depends on how you use your iPhone. If you talk to Siri, use FaceTime, and use native apps, this will probably be a big update. 


During the past year, you have probably gotten accustomed to video chatting. Apple has improved this experience with the iOS 16 update. Most people have most likely returned to a more normal social experience. But, if you have gotten used to video chatting with some friends and family that are physically far away from you, this is going to be a nice improvement. 

Share Play with Anyone

If you want to watch movies with someone who is across the world, it can be difficult. You have to deal with the connection lag and unifying your video streams. The iOS 16 will allow you to sync up the viewing experience and laugh along with your friends. It is not just for video, though, you can share your screen or share music with a friend. So, this will not just let you enjoy something, but also facilitate creative development. 

However, this will no longer be limited to iPhone users! An iPhone user can now invite anyone using a Windows or Android operating system to FaceTime. This connection will still be encrypted to ensure the privacy of the call. This is the type of user-centric decision that Apple has been focusing on recently, and it will make FaceTime a better competitor in the video-calling space. 

Spatial Audio

This functionality allows the audio of a video call to reflect the position of the speaker in reference to the iPhone’s microphone. So, if you walk behind your iPhone, the audio will be adjusted accordingly. This little feature could help your conversation feel more natural. 

Mic ENC Settings

One last upgrade to FaceTime is the ability to control how much background noise there for your audio. There are three settings: standard, voice isolation, and wide spectrum. Wide spectrum has absolutely no filter, your friends can suffer through your noisy neighbors with you. On the other end of the spectrum, voice isolation will make your voice crystal clear and get rid of everything else. 

Live Text +Visual Lookup

Live text is a function that allows you to interact with your pictures in an entirely new way. You will be able to interact with any text that is in the picture. You will be able to copy and paste information or make phone calls directly from a picture. Live Text will be launched in seven different languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. 

Similar to Live Text, Visual Lookup is going to change the functionality of your pictures. Similar to the way a reverse image search works, you will be able to take a photo and reserved a bunch of information about whatever is in your photo. Also, you will be able to do the same thing by tapping a photo you find on the web. 

Apple Maps

Do you use Apple Maps? The app had a pretty disastrous launch, but it has been slowly improving little by little. The iOS 16 update will add 3D landmarks, trees, buildings, and neighborhoods to the app. It will make it easier for you to tell where you are and where you are going. Apple Maps will also improve its functionality when driving. Traffic conditions, road incidents, and tricky turns will be clearer and easier to navigate around. 


Safari also got a redesign. The new design is meant to maximize your screen space. The tab bar will not be as static and pronounced, and it will stay out of your way when you are scrolling. You will also be able to organize your tabs into tab groups. Also, these tab groups will sync across all your devices. So, if you use safari a lot, this could be a helpful update. 

Digital Keys & IDs

You will be able to add your license or state ID to your wallet. You can use your electronic ID while you travel, and in late 2021 you should be able to use it at shops or other venues. You will also be able to use your phone to open your front door or hotel room. Presumably, this will use Bluetooth or a network to open these locks. So, its usefulness will depend on your home security equipment or the system at a hotel. Obviously, if you use a traditional lock, key, and deadbolt, your iPhone won’t be useful. 

Notification Summary

Notifications will look different when you are unlocking your phone as well. The icon for an app or the face of someone who messaged you will have a much more prominent position in the notification. Also, they will have a new summary layout that will show you the most important notifications in a large window. It will be interesting to see how intelligent this order is and if it will prioritize the notifications we interact with the most or most recent notifications.  

iPadOS 15

iPad users are getting an update as well. While iPad updates are mostly the same improvements as the iOS update. For example, updates of Emojis, FaceTime, Maps, and the introduction of Live Text are all present in the most recent updates for both devices. Still, there are also some updates that are unique to the iPad.  

Widgets & Library Feature

There are new widgets that you will be able to organize on your homepage. Some new widgets include contacts, Game Center, and Mail. They are all updated and Apple has tried to innovate in the widget portion to maximize your effectiveness. 

Also, the App Library has been reimplemented in a way that automatically organizes your categories. In typical Apple fashion, the App Library does the tedious task for you. Based on Apple’s press release, some current categories include Creativity, Utilities, Entertainment, Games, and Shopping & Food.

Universal Control

Another unique function being added to the iPad is Universal Control. Essentially, what this will do is allow you to control your iPad as a secondary screen for your Mac. This will be a great wireless alternative compared to the traditional way of linking a second screen or using an iPad as a drawing surface. 


Some people have viewed this update as a minor update that only updates the existing features. Maybe this is due to the landmark update being FaceTime, and people are returning to pre-pandemic normalcy. However, this overlooks the other features that are being added on iOS and iPadOS. What do you think, is this a big enough update to justify being iOS 16?

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