Why Your Phone Won’t Charge and How to Fix It

Plugging in your phone after a long busy day then realizing that it isn’t charging can cause panic. However, it is a common problem that can often be solved without the hassle of taking your phone to a technician.

phone won't chargeThat is why in this blog we will go through some of the steps to rule out possible problems and hopefully get your phone back to charging again. 


With that said, there are a variety of reasons why your phone will not charge. Some of the reasons are: a faulty charger or cable, dirt in the charging port or software-related problems like your phone needing a software update, or even third-party apps interrupting the charging process.

Well, what should you do if your phone won’t charge? 

Steps to Follow if Your Phone Won’t Charge

We have put together four easy steps to follow to help you in this situation. They are as follows:

  • Inspect Your Power Sources

A good place to start is by inspecting your charging power sources. This could be a wall power outlet, your computer or power banks. If your phone won’t charge from the wall power outlet, try charging it from your computer and vice versa.

fast charger

If it charges fine from one power source but not the other this automatically rules out the problem being with your phone but rather with the power source. 

Supposing your phone still won’t charge, we will now take a closer look at how you can diagnose your phone and cable for malfunctions.

  • Diagnose Your Phone For Software Issues

There are two easy ways you can diagnose your phone for software related problems that may cause it not to charge:

  • Check if Your Phone’s Software Is up to Date

Your phone manufacturer will often release new software updates that can solve a variety of software-related problems. Just navigate to settings and check to make sure that your phone’s software is up to date, if not install the latest update and try plugging in.

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  • Run Your Phone In Safe Mode (Android Users)

Running your Android phone in safe mode isolates third-party apps so that your phone can run on its original interface. This will therefore prevent any third-party app that may be causing the issue from running. It will make singling out the issue a little easier.

If you identify that the problem is with your phone go to the phone’s official website for tech support. That is, if the charging cables work fine on other devices.

  • Try a Wireless Charger

If your phone supports wireless charging and you own one, it could come in handy in this situation. First, it will be a temporary charging solution till you can get your phone problem solved. 

ugreen wireless charger

Secondly, a wireless charger will help in telling if the problem is with your device or the accessories.

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  • Inspect Cable and Adapter

Most of the time the charger is the culprit causing your charging problems. First, are you using an official charger or a charger from an authority brand like UGREEN? The quality of the charger matters since they are specifically designed to maximize your phone’s battery life.

Therefore, always remember to use quality chargers and cables because counterfeit ones could actually harm your phone.

usb c to lightning cable

If you are using a legit charger, closely inspect it for any physical damages. This can be anything from bends, cuts or rips. In the case that you notice any damage, stop using that cable. 

On the other hand, if there is no obvious damage to the cable try using different cables and adapters. And to be sure that your charger or adapter works, try them on other devices.

  • Clean the Charging Port

Dirt or dust can accumulate over time and clog the charging port. Once it builds up it can affect how the cable interacts with the charge contacts. Follow these simple steps to clean your charging port:

  • Power off your device
  • Shine a torch into the port and take a look. If you can see any dirt on the charging contacts, the port needs to be cleaned
  • To clean it, use a brush or gently blow into the port
  • If the charging port is still clogged after these attempts, take it to a professional to be cleaned. Do not insert items into the charging port as you could damage it.

dusty charging port

After cleaning your port, try charging it for at least 30 minutes and see if it works. 

Hopefully, at this point, you would have already identified where the problem lies.

In a nutshell, it is always a good idea to rule out possible problems using these simple steps before seeking professional support. Check your power sources, inspect cable and plug, clean the charging port, and make sure your phone software is up to date.

Have you ever experienced a similar problem? If so, how did you solve it? We would love to hear from you, leave us a comment.

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