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Hi UGREEN fans,

How is your work-from-home life? I believe that you have much time to stay with your wife/ husband, kids, and families, and it is the best time to enhance the emotion with them.

However, there will always be some trivial things in your family, and these trivial things are sometimes just the flavor of our boring life. So, when it comes to the wall charger, are there some funny or annoying things that happened around you? Has there ever been a wall charger battle between your families?

Leave your comment below to tell us your funny, weird, annoy wall charger battles between your families. And THREE of you have chances to win UGREEN surprise.

The winners will be announced next Friday, follow UGREEN to get the latest news.

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30 Replies to “Wall Charger Battles

  1. My charger battles are with my mum and my brother
    My brother comes to pick my charger when even is free and just when I go to take it back ..he waits when am unaware and takes it and replace it with his BROKEN CHARGER ..it does not work for my phone and am sure it doesn’t work for his either cos he keeps taking mine…..its annoying.
    My mom won’t take my charger away …she will just plug her phone and unplug mine even if she has more battery than
    I do …. I can’t complain cos she’s a black mom she would remind me that she gave birth to me…lol

  2. I have few family members inside my house, there are different type of phone / electronic devices used within each family member. Sometimes we have not enough of charger then we have to wait for other or unplugged other family member device from charging, and because of this, sometime it bring conflict to the family member just because of not enough of the charger. Recently I brought another single 18W ugreen charger, even it take some time to deliver, however I always satisfied with ugreen product as it also come with free gift when every purchase.
    Other than this, if out of charger, I will enjoy the alternative way which is ugreen 18W fast charge powerbank, it’s cool and provide the power for my phone or other devices. I hope ugreen can bring 45/65W power bank to my country as it definitely a good choice for my laptop. With this, I will not worry about power shortage while enjoy my movie or games with my laptop. Cheer… 🙂

    Ugreen! Always my best choice…
    Think Charger. Think Ugreen.

  3. I can’t really borrow one once in a race to get a charge and then later it’ll be difficult again without a charger.

  4. Yes its really a great battle thou.. there are reasons for this, this pendemic really have cause a lot of fight between me and my siblings at home all in the name of wall charger. It really so annoying and the funniest part of it is that I have no option than to allow them make use of it.
    So lets cultivate the habit of sharing

  5. Yes its really a great battle thou.. there are reasons for this, this pendemic really have cause a lot of fight between me and my siblings at home all in the name of wall charger. It really so annoying and the funniest part of it is that I have no option than to allow them make use of it.
    So lets cultivate the habit of sharing

  6. My charger battle is one that happens everyday, my siblings come and ask for my charger . I give it to them but don’t see it for a few days. When I ask for it back, I get it only to lose it the next morning. Now I have to hide all my chargers each time I leave the house, and I only put them into one spot.

  7. Until I switched smartphones with Usb-C charging, we always had battles between me and my mother to charge the smartphone. He took advantage of his carelessness to remove his from the charger and put mine to charge. Then came the screaming because his smartphone had not yet loaded lol.
    Now I use my own charger and the battles are between my mother and father over the wall charger. They look like the dog and the cat with the fights over the charger.

  8. We always had a fight who gets to charge još phone until i ordered a ugreen wall charger years ago and from then i have no problems

  9. Yes, and he is always there. Someone is annoying like my brother at home, especially in the days of the stone from the Corona virus. He uses the charger a lot and this is what forced me to charge my devices in the bathroom Hahahahahaha

  10. During meeting in my work place conference rooms theres only so many outlets available, so we are constantly battling for them. If your in the meeting early youll be able to plug in a charger, but if your last person to come good luck.

  11. Iron electricity connection
    When the mother is ironing clothes to sweat but the clothes are not neat. It turned out that the iron is not connected to the OMG electricity network

  12. Yup, it happen charger battle during this covid 19 pandemic. As me and my brother work from home. So the whole family member are in the house. Basically our charger are at fixed place such as our own room, but sometimes mum took it to use in the kitchen so that she can watch youtube cooking tutorial and prepare dinner. Dad would bring the charger to living room, as he browse news with his phone at living room. So sometimes charger at either me or my brother room went missing, get took by our parents.
    But is okay, sharing is caring.
    #ugreen #moreforyou #explorenewlife

  13. The charger wars are real! My husband, my son, my brothers and sisters have a battle royale for available chargers. I’ve come down to what i thought was my phone charging all night, to find a dead phone because my son unplugged it to charge his ipad. This reigns especially true with the state we are in, where my living room is now also my office, and conference room.

    I finally got tired of this and decided to solve the problem with the most reliable, powerful product, and trustworthy product I could find….

  14. My country is Bangladesh. It’s not so developed country ..maximum time we have to face load shedding problem ..after load shedding our family became busy to charge his/her phones.. But our family have only one charger😂..the another charger was broken by my mom’s angry😁..now we have to make a funny charging competition between us .

  15. Well our battles are usualy between us siblings, usualy like a fight lol i am not kidding, two or there times we literaly fought who gets to charge his phone

  16. After two fake chargers , the one we ordered from ugreen is like the beach od France, the battleground over who wins to charge his phone, luckly it has fast charging so its over pretty quickly

  17. Sharing a charger is hell, always going over the house looking for it because nooo oneeee returns it to its place, so yeah, we fight 🙁

  18. We dont fight really, our war is more of a battle od survival, just waiting for the charger we have to die on us because its being used all day long

  19. We had to use a 12V charger with a adapter for it after our charger died, so we need a new one, a battles for it is exhausiting

  20. In my household we constantly fight over the USB ports , one usualy charges our alarm central unit so the other one is the fighting ground, with the older brother usualy having the win 🙁

  21. The number one fight in our household besides cleaning revolves around cell phone chargers. We have two iPhone and 4 android users in the household and the kids are always losing chargers.🤨 What happens when they lose a charger or their charger dies?
    They steal a charger from another kid or parent. It makes me so mad to not be able to find my charger and to have to go searching in bedrooms looking for it. The kids all go to other households so the chargers sometimes get taken and lost there. What does this mean? 😠The kids automatically expect that we need to buy them a new charger when they lose theirs or they die. Do I agree? No. I pay enough for them to have iPhone, the last thing I need to do is to replace chargers. We now label our chargers. I have my name on all of the parts of my charger. I even ordered a dual charger from amazon for ten dollars and labelled it “kitchen.” This charger has to stay in the kitchen area. If the kids lose their chargers, they can go to the kitchen for a charge. The kids have painted their chargers with nail polish. You could take different types of decorative duck tape to label them. Unless we start enforcing consequences for stealing family member’s chargers, the problem will continue 😏

  22. Usualy we argue who gets to charge his phone, and my little sister ususaly gets the cable to charge via PC because she is the youngoest

  23. Thank you very much, I am one of the winners.
    I have already answered the email. I am looking forward to the charger to try it and give my mother the other, so he is not taking it from me continuously, hehehe

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