USB-C Hub for Macbook-1

How to Add More Ports to Your New MacBook?

Apple released the first original MacBook in 2006, which started a whole line of notebook computers. The MacBook was minimalistic, exciting, and impactful, which caused a massive spike in sales. Since then, Apple has strived to innovate as much as they can in the MacBook line. To keep the MacBook 2020 more minimalistic than its predecessors, they had to remove some useful features. One feature ....


What Is a USB-C Hub and How Can It Declutter Your Desk?

As the world proceeds to advance in technology, tech engineers have presented more and more devices for people to use. And according to one research, more than 66% of Americans own one or several electronic devices (laptops, tablets, phones, and computers.) With the rise of more devices, the emergence of more cable ports arose. As the years passed, manufacturers started stripping the connection....

New iPad Hub

How to Choose the Best USB-C Hub For Your New iPad

The latest iPad Air 4 boasts a ton of great features: A 10.9-inch screen, a sleek design, availability in five different colors, and a powerful new processor and GPU. But there’s a catch. Apple has gone with a bold design choice: A single USB-C port. That’s great news if you’re a fan of minimalism. But not so great if you're looking for an all-in-one device that can handle everything. Lucky ....