Best Back to School Gadgets for College Students

Students around the world are returning to university campuses and it is time to knuckle down and study hard. However, there are a number of gadgets that can help you maximize your studying efforts so you can spend more time enjoying your college experience. 

back to school gadgets

This article will show you what products would be useful for your trip back to school.  

Presentations and Mobility

University students are constantly moving between offices, classrooms, dorms, and other locations on campus. Sometimes it can be difficult to use your laptop, tablet, or other devices on the go to the campus using outdated tech.

Adapters and Connections

One of the important things, when you are giving presentations in different classrooms, is how to connect your device. Most new devices only have a USB-C port but many universities use HDMI and VGA connections

Getting a USB-C hub that features a VGA connection could be very useful for traveling around campus with a laptop to make sure you can connect it to whatever you might need. This means whether you are leading study groups or just giving a presentation in the classroom, you will be confident you will be able to connect your laptop to whatever you need. Also, a hub can help you plug in thumb drives if you don’t wanna carry your laptop around with you. 

usb-c hub

Additionally, an external hard drive would allow you to take your work with you and avoid wasting space on your PC with 1,000 different PowerPoint presentations.  If you get an external hard drive, just make sure you properly eject it every time, because improperly disconnecting external hard drives can affect your computer’s ability to recognize it. 

Charging on the Go

Another consideration would be how you are going to make sure your devices are topped up. A power bank would be a great choice to make sure you are topped up, whether you are at the library or a house party. A new trend is to have a wireless power bank, but it is probably better to have a portable charger with fast charging protocols for your device. Wireless charging wastes some energy which is released as ambient heat, which is fine for a charging pad but not good if you have a limited total energy capacity. 

power bank UGREEN

Maximizing a Dorm Office

While some students feel like they are never at home and always on the go, it is good to make sure that you are effective when working out of your home. For more introverted students, having an effective dorm office could be the most important determiner of their success. 

Ethernet Adapter & Cable

One thing that might be helpful is the ability to connect your laptop directly to the internet using an Ethernet cable. But, one would wonder if every dorm has WiFi, why do I still need an Ethernet cable? Well, You would want an Ethernet cable because it would allow you to download much faster and you will have more direct access to the dorm’s shared bandwidth. If there is a router in your dorm room, you should definitely consider buying an Ethernet cable adapter for your laptop. 

1000Mbps Ethernet Adapter

Cable Management

There are two questions you have to consider when you are organizing your dorm room.

First, how are you going to use your outlet space? Second, how are you going to avoid having cables all over the floor?

A strong multi-purpose charger is a great way you can avoid running out of outlet space. You can charge many devices at the same time and you can also charge devices with a higher demand for power like a laptop.

The issue of cables can be a complicated problem to solve. However, one simple solution is to use the cable clip to keep cables organized and then hiding them on the wall behind your furniture with duct tape or electrical tape. Then you can turn your attention to dividing your dorm room with the tape. 

cable organizer


Another thing you should consider is a stand to help you read digital textbooks while taking notes. Digital textbooks are the cheapest option for students, at least for students in the USA. You can increase your productivity by freeing up your hands to take notes. 

Stands with bendable arms are also really convenient. They can hold a tablet right in front of your face and your arms won’t have to get tired. But, don’t forget to get plenty of sleep!

What About Your Trips Back Home?

Despite the freedom of living on campus, no matter what you are going to make regular trips back home. Whether it is because you are homesick, or you just need to do your laundry and don’t want to pay for a laundry mat.  

Cell Phone Holder

One thing that can make your drive home better is a cell phone holder. This will make it easy to call your family hands-free while returning home. There are also versions of this type of product that can charge your phone as well. 


Poor college students are often stuck driving old cars back and forth from campus to their hometowns. If these cars don’t have Bluetooth, you can improve your trip home with a Bluetooth adapter. These are affordable and make it much easier for an old car to communicate with your phone. 

What Else Should You Think About?

Students should also consider using plug-ins like Grammarly, or something similar, to make sure your emails are always leaving professors with a positive impression. Grades should be objective but the reality is there is a lot of subjectivity that is involved in grading essays. Making a positive impression can have great long-term positive effects. 

Also, be sure to avoid late-night screen time. The blue light for some of your electronics can make it difficult to sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is more important than any hardware peripherals for your devices, and it’s free.

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