Valentine’s Day Dating Guide


Valentine’s Day is approaching, nearly time to order a romantic dinner, makeup yourself, and…carefully prepare a gift! So have you decided what gift to give to your beloved partner? Roses shopping can seem like an absolute minefield in the festive period; what can you get your partner that will keep your love longer than a day? And have you made a list that how to spend a romantic day with someone you love? Here, check the Date List of Valentine’s Day that UGREEN prepares for you, let UGREEN gives more love for you.

1. Spend Together
There is a word that says, accompany is the purest confession. On this romantic day, it is the best confession for your lover to spend time together. Hanging out in the most shopping mall, playing a whole day in the playground, or just having a walk, each of them is the best choice to spend time with someone you love. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it’s who you’re with.

2. Home Theater
Maybe some of you and your lover still have to work today and just want to start dating after work. But after a long day at work, both of you just want to go home, take a shower, and watch a romantic movie. However, the computer screen is too small, the TV is not new enough to connect to the Internet, how to cast a movie screen on the TV? At this point, you remember the UGREEN USB-C Hub that you once bought. Compact size and Mac style, HDMI 4K output port can meet all your demands. Buy the biggest cup of popcorn and go home for a romantic evening!

USB C hub

3. Romantic Dinner
How can such a romantic evening be without a romantic candlelight dinner? With the movie being played on TV, open a bottle of red wine you like. Movies, delicacies, people you love, isn’t this the perfect picture for Valentine’s Day? Quickly pick up your camera or phone to record this romantic moment! Use UGREEN USB-C Multifunctional Hub, save your photos on your computer. SD and TF card readers and 3 USB 3.0 ports, no more worries for devices.

The above is Valentine’s Day dating guide provided by UGREEN assistant, hoping to help you spend a beautiful and romantic day. Of course, as long as you are willing, your loved one will definitely feel your affection for her/him. .Happy Valentine’s Day!

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