More Love for You – UGREEN Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Valentine's Day

Hi, Ugreen fans,

Are you missing us?

February is full of romance. Are you going to buy some gifts for the one who you love? Roses? A delicious dinner? A new phone? Or just a festive card?

Always sending others, this time, how about waiting for receiving a gift?

Today, Ugreen is your girlfriend/ boyfriend, we have prepared some Valentine’s gifts to show our love. Are you curious about the gifts?

Click the romantic links below, and win all Valentine’s gifts.

1. Maybe your Valentine’s Day gift is weird / Starts February 4th

People who fall in love are always like festivals and ceremonies, especially on Valentine’s Day, because it will always come with the gift. However, I heard that there are some creepies or weirdos who always bring their lover’s weird or odd gifts instead of the romantic surprise.

Click the title and tell us your weird Valentine’s gift you have received, and we will choose 3 of you to send Ugreen romantic surprise.

2. A different Valentine’s Day / Starts February 8th

What’s Valentine’s Day? I think it is the Date Day. How do you feel about the date? Romantic? Unforgettable? Full of surprise? However, have you ever had a different Valentine’s day?

Click the title and leave your comments or pictures below about your different date on Valentine’s Day, maybe it was odd, strange or weird. 3 of you will win Ugreen romantic surprise.

3. Romeo, did you find your Juliet? / Starts February 11th

Love is in the air. Some people will say as long as you meet the Mr./ Mrs. Right, every day is Valentine’s Day. When was the last time you spent Valentine’s Day with someone you love? Do you still remember the story of Valentine’s Day?

Share your unforgettable Valentine’s Day with us in the link of the title, no matter who you spend with, maybe your lover, your friends or your parents. Unforgettable is the most important. There are 5 surprises waiting for you.

To win the Ugreen surprise, all you have to do is leaving a comment in the corresponding blog.

Best wishes! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

58 Replies to “More Love for You – UGREEN Valentine’s Day Giveaway

  1. #Ugreen ,вы моя любовь давно❤️
    До недавнего времени я не верила в стрелы Амура, а тем более в любовь с первого взгляда.
    Однажды я пошла на день рождения до подруги и пришел он мой 🤴 принц❤️
    Внезапно мир исчез, мои друзья, всё, словно ушло на задний план, замылилось, как на профессиональной фотографии. Я видела только его глаза❤️
    С тех пор мы вместе уже 5 лет и счастливы каждую секунду ❤️❤️❤️ В день Святого Валентина я всегда получаю букет цветов и романтический ужин.
    Желаю всем большой и чистой любви!
    С днём Святого Валентина ❤️

  2. I haven’t celebrate Valentine’s day yet but when I am with my hubby every day is my valentine day. Three months ago when he was leaving for foreign that day was the most difficult time for me. Meeting him was a really big gift for me.❤️
    Missing him Alot 😢

    1. For me, Valentine’s Day is just another day. Although I always receive gifts, I’d rather receive them one day without waiting for them. Although since the day I met my husband we have always celebrated with flowers and dinner on Valentine’s Day.

  3. The most unforgettable valentine’s day gift from my hubby is when he totally forgot about valentine’s day, so he just came back empty handed and decided to make me dinner to make up for it. He cooks real horrible but of course I didn’t tell him. I didn’t want to make him feel upset. Anyway, it was very silly, seeing him cook and wear an apron.

  4. My first Val will actually this year’s own
    But unfortunately I can’t be with her cuase currently she’s in school and I’m also in school.
    Hope to send her a nice Val Suprise or gift to her on the 14th of this love month cuase she’s really dare to me ♥️.
    All of my Val witness was of my parents they share a strong bond that keeps them together and alive. They’ve been a blessing to me and my sisters. I wish I could send my mom and my girlfriend some Val gifts

  5. #Ugreen – моя любовь❤️❤️❤️
    Любовь окрыляет и вселяет надежду. Хочется поздравить всех влюбленных, с таким чудесным праздником — с Днем святого Валентина — и сказать, что быть влюбленным — это чудесно и восхитительно! Желаю, чтобы все люди на Земле смогли испытать это великолепное чувство. А также желаю всем влюбленным неземного счастья, безграничной любви, взаимопонимания и взаимоуважения. Желаю, чтобы ваша любовь делала вас сильнее, храбрее, добрее, а душа и сердце наполнились теплом, нежностью и лаской. Цените, берегите и любите друг друга.

  6. С Днем святого Валентина всех любимых и любящих людей! Когда в сердце живет любовь, мир вокруг прекрасен, светел, исполнен чудес. Любовь вдохновляет, окрыляет, дарит надежду. Любовь действительно умеет творить чудеса. Пускай это волшебное чувство наполняет сердца до краев. Любви, нежности, теплоты, гармонии и красоты!

  7. Valentine’s day is one of the best day to show up your feelings and emotion in your love ones… To show them how lucky are you to have them….
    Me I wanted to show it up to My Aunt… Because right now she’s not feeling well… And I wanted to give her a simple gift… I hope you choose me….
    Happy Valentine’s to all

  8. Went on a Valentine’s date with a lady as an undergraduate.
    I was so nervous!
    We were chatting and gisting.
    I thought I was doing well, at the least leave this date with a 4/10 until the girl asked if I drum in church.
    I asked why?
    she replied “Because you have been tapping the table with your fingers for about 10mins now”

  9. #moreloveforyou У меня не было странных подарков. Это были либо банальные подарки либо простые подарки от души, например открытка со словами любви от жены.

  10. I would like to be able to give some product of yours to my wife for Valentine’s Day since at Christmas I could not give her any gifts.

  11. Yeh i going to share my love story we in school while i was in class 8 and she was in class7
    We start talking each other and we become good friends . Day after day we grow and develop the feeling of love we realize we love each other we are more then a friend then she proposed me and then our love story begin
    No we are living a good life

  12. My most memorable Valentine’s Day was last year my husband his sweet love letters all over the house with little gifts. To find each note he had me do a scavenger hunt. It was so much fun! When I got to last note he had set up a picnic in the backyard with a 100 inch screen hung up on house with projector playing the movie we went to see on our first date. It was all very romantic and the best Valentine’s Day ever!

  13. We combine our anniversary and valentine’s day into one big celebration since they are a week apart. This year we both splurge on a vacation to the Waldorf Astoria. We took turns paying for things and just enjoyed each other’s company. There is no greater gift.

  14. The weirdest Valentine’s Day gift I received was a turtle pen from a boy who had a crush on me in high school. It was the thought that counts lol

  15. Поздравляю с Днём святого Валентина всех людей! Я желаю каждому большой, искренней, взаимной и страстной любви 💖💖💖
    Я желаю сохранить то светлое чувство между вами, которое вас сделало родными людьми. Вы обнимите друг друга почаще – это очень важно 💕💕💕
    Ugreen поможет вам сделать приятный подарок на каждый праздник и подарит приятные мгновения 💗💗💗

  16. Влюбленные, дарите друг другу товары UGREEN . Ваша половина оценит внимание и надёжность бренда UGREEN по достоинству

  17. my most unforgettable Valentine’s Day was when i was dating a much younger man, he brought me over a dozen beautiful roses, took me out to eat at a lovely restaurant, he had made special reservations, we had champagne, etc. he brought me candy and gifts. i was so impressed because this was our first date. He was about 10 years younger. never had i been treated so lovely especially by a much younger man. my current Valentines are my 2 4 legged girls- Tressa and Harley.

  18. Well, my ex dropped by with Crackers on Valentines Day. Valentines Day was not mentioned but that was the only thing I got on Valentines day so I will say that was my Valentine. I am grateful I love these crackers.
    Doesn’t take much to make my day.

  19. С Праздником! 🌹 Любви и счастья желаю всем членам команды Ugreen, всем клиентам и подписчикам Ugreen! Ребята, вы лучшие! Рад быть в числе ваших поклонников! 👍

  20. Счастливого Дня Святого Валентина! ❤️ Любви и счастья всем желаю от души!!! 💞 В особенности, команде Ugreen! 💐

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