UGREEN Community Christmas Countdown – 1 Giveaway Events Per 2 Days!

Ugreen Christmas 2019

Hey Ugreen fans,

We miss you so much!

The snow is falling, and the Christmas has entered the countdown, are you preparing turkeys, pies, Gingerbread Man cookies, or Christmas trees for celebrating?

Here, Ugreen is a wishing well, we heard that most wishes had come true, do you want to have a try?

We have prepared 10 mysterious wish boxes for you, are you ready for the Christmas Countdown Challenge?

Finish and check out the Christmas clues we offered you below,

1. Light up your Christmas dreams with Ugreen / Starts December.12th

Christmas is always coming with gifts, and this year will be no exception. What is your most wanted gift for Christmas from UGREEN? Leave your wish, and we’ll choose 2 of you to win a mystery box!

2. The odd and excellent Christmas Tree you have decorated / Starts December. 14th

Christmas is the day for sharing your time with who you love, such as hang out with your families, cook a delicious dinner with your lover, or decorate a Christmas tree with someone. So do you remember the odd or excellent Christmas tree you decorated? Leave your comments or pictures to tell us your story, and you could win 3 mystery boxes.

3. Who is the next Sherlock Holmes / Starts December.16th

According to the clues we provided, what does UGREEN play in Christmas? UGREEN will enter this community secretly to check all of your comments. Let us know your answer, and the Christmas gift from UGREEN for Christmas and it could be yours!

You must be curious about the mysterious box, but it wouldn’ be funny if we reveal it. So the best way of the truth to come out is to try to find out by yourself.

Events will be on every two days, you can make a note on your phone calendar.

Best wishes and gifts for best you. Let’s do it!

274 Replies to “UGREEN Community Christmas Countdown – 1 Giveaway Events Per 2 Days!

        1. I want to Win . I need to win .please . I dont have a money to buy phone ..i need phone to start business online to help my family paying my tuition fee also want to Start Youtube channel coz thats my dream but i dont have a phone …please help me out. !
          Please notice me …please please

        2. I’ll like to win an I phone I haven’t given my kid anything in years so I’ll like to win an I phone for her

      1. I wish to have an iPhone as it is my dream phone! 📱❤️ I have decorated a small Christmas tree when i was in highschool, it’s so cute and i feel blessed to decorate our first ever Christmas Tree 🎄 that year. I guess UGREEN is Santa every Christmas as they share and give gifts to tge people! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year UGREEN ❤️❤️

  1. Ugreen С настурающим новым 2020 годом вас и ваши семьи, счастья и семейного благополучия. Вы бренд качества и надежности. Потрясающее мобильные аксессуары. Желаю вам и вашему бизнесу удачи и процветания. Огромных продаж в новом году , большое количество поклонников и покупателей. 👍👌👏🎄⛄🎁📲💚

  2. Поздравляю весь коллектив магазина Ugreen , с Новым годом и Рождеством Христовым! Пусть эти праздники-вестники новых возможностей и планов, желаний и надежд-принесут Вам и Вашим семьям добро,мир и достаток. Я уверена, что новый год принесет много приятных неожиданностей, новых бизнес партнеров и благодарных клиентов. Достижения и движения вперед!

  3. Спасибо, Ugreen
    Get UGREEN, Get your life
    Win Newest iPhone & Gift Box &10000$ Codes here:

  4. thank you #ugreen , hope to win many things , but the most thing we haves it all ” it’s yours ” 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
    well if i should to be chosing !? i woold chose a notebook or ipad as a cool gift .
    and my favorite tree in this end of year2019 & begining of 2020 is #world_tree world peace between all humanity 🌲⛄☮️

  5. С наступающим новым годом фаны Ugreen! Здоровья и благополучия, удачи в конкурсе.

  6. Today is a wedding of my relative! He is getting married with his lovely woman he wants to be forever! I wish their family love amongst every temptation that they will meet on their path and happiness as long as children laughs and the best emotions ever! Stay happy and loved by each other forever!!! Let UGREEN take out your gadgets! ))) the best and over emotional day is today!!!

  7. Приятные подарки. Праздничное настроение. Рождество на пороге и Новый год. Спасибо #Ugreen – за чудесное времяпровождения. С праздником и удачи во всех начинаниях в 2020 году.

  8. 1. Whatever Ugreen want to give away, that is all right.
    2. Conan Detective
    3. Ugreen Christmas Tree.

  9. i wanted a power bank from Ugreen.My phone has small capacity it always says battery low😐I love Ugreen products

    This is the Christmas tree redecorating💜Small but beautiful😍

  10. Happy New Year! Congratulations!
    We wish prosperity
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  11. Merci @Ugreen pour ce magnifique concours.
    Mon Souhait pour ce Noel d’avoir un : Ugreen Bluetooth écouteur 5.0 TWS True Wireless .

  12. Thanks Ugreen for this amazing et wonderful Giveaway.

    Tout les ans comme ça , en attend la derniere minute pour ce réunir et nous commençant a décorée l’arbre avec toute la grand famille.

  13. Le fameux Ugreen Surprise Box!!!!! I wanna it!!!! i wanna win it!!!!!! i wish it profoundly.
    Ugreen Surprise Box is a mesterieuse box that all family can get one surprise on.

    waaaaaaawwwww i wanna it.

  14. Hi (Ugreen) welcome back and happy Christmas to you and your family and don’t be missed to give me my Christmas gifts.😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  15. Hi everyone and ugreen community. It is a very good opportunity to join another giveaway and a good opportunity and time to hope again. I’ve been always joining in every giveaway of vloggers, posts on facebook, instagram and more, but I never been choose for a chance to win. Sometimes I lost hope in joining every giveaways, but whenever I think the chance and opportunity to get some dream stuff’s for free I feel inspired to join again. And nothing is wrong with trying btw😊. And! Again n again, I’m here trying my lucky day agin to win. By the way, I would like to win an iphone (iphone 11 pro max) hopefully💓Iphone is really one of my dream since I cannot afford it and it would be a very satisfying gift this christmas. If I would be the one to be choosen as a lucky winner of this great opportunity, I would be very very happy ,greatful and thankful to you guys💓
    Mery christmas and advance happy new year!💓💖
    -(sorry for my grammatical error)

  16. I wish I could win an iPhone, that’s my dream to have iPhone 11 because I don’t have money to buy a new phone and that’s gonna be my first time to have a new brand phone in my whole life.

    1. Ungree play the role of encouraging people to give gifts to there friends and spread to everyone one around us just like ungreen does by giving out gifts every Christmas pls grant me my wish and send me a phone I love u ungreen and thanks for the chance have given us to get whatever we want

  17. I really need a new phone but have no money to buy one…I wished to be bless with one this Christmas so i can also smile this Christmas…Thanks in advance

    1. It’s great knowing there’s still group out there conducting such kind of activities, spreading good acts and enjoyment.
      Winning is just a bonus, of course I’ll be more glad if in case I won, but the fact that you conducted a kind of campaign is already a reason to be greatful.
      Hoping the prize go to the rightful person,.
      A person who deserves it😊

  18. Thanks Ugreen i wish to win something great and may my wish come true.

    They say if you can dream it then you can win it.

    Merry Christmas

  19. Please oooo I want money to a sewing machine,,,since I finished learning my fashion designing there is not money to buy a sewing machine, so please help me sir/ma

  20. Thank UGREEN for this wonderful giveaway first of all I say thank you for this opportunity that have been given to me….And I just to win your giveaway or one of your giveaway thanks that all And I thank you!!! Thanks UGREEN😙😍

  21. Christmas is a day we have to share love and care for everyone. Time for heal and forgive. Humans commit mistakes but if we always see the gift of God in our lives, we always choose to give love and peace to everyone. Spread love not just for Christmas but because we are sons of God that knows how to forgive and love. Merry Christmas! 😘

  22. frenship is everythings
    no need money no need any phone also
    i just want to be member aff this gropu amd pages and wana be member of this community

  23. A big wish to win on Christmas and New Year Eve. Im recently job less, so if i win a mobile phone then it will be so fortunate for me.

  24. Hi I could use some great cool phone this year like that kind of an iPhone
    Thanks to you all at UGREEN. So wish I could win it

  25. Hope its not yet late.I am single parent for almost 8yrs already of my 2 kids.yes i am working just to.provide their needs in school and in our house.but still i cannot give all.still lacking wish is cash or cellphone so i can sell it to have money. Thank you and godbless.

  26. My wish is to have a cellphone. 🙂
    My odd christmas is that i decorate our christmas tree with 10 christmas balls only 🙂 i dont have money to buy some more decorations….
    UGREEN plays as a lighter to light our christmas to be more happy 🙂

    I hope i win

  27. Hello “UGREEN .i thank your company for giving US opportunity to win anything in your famous company .i wish you all the best for this new year.more purchase.if i win a good iPhone or computer i will do advertisement .for you .have a Nice day

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